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DB Best emerged from the world of data which is why we view all aspects of the IT industry through the prism of data.

We are proud to be one of the early cloud adopters for data management and application development. So, you can trust us to deliver when it comes down to using any of the cloud services, developing applications, creating bright data visualizations, and many other services.

For over 17 years, DB Best helps customers manage data and applications no matter where the data lives. This includes various database platforms, environments, applications, cloud platforms, and services.

DB Best delivers delightful results to hundreds of customers from all over the world. We provide our customers with comprehensive data management services, database development and migration. We have also created highly successful web and mobile systems for our customers.

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Wherever we see an opportunity to automate routine tasks, we develop software that can address this task. We started with developing a state-of-the-art database migration technology which became the basis for Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant series of products. Now, our in-house DBMSys platform helps discover the data environment , develop a business case for modernization, and even build a financial model for your future-state architecture.

We have a powerful community of experts in the field of data management, storage, processing, optimization, and visualization. Our team of over 450 certified professionals has the expertise you need to improve cloud, development, BI, analytics, mobile, testing, DevOps, and other digital parts of your business. These extremely talented and passionate people provide our customers with the success that they demand, and allow for simplifying business processes.

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OUR History

DB Best was founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of helping organizations migrate their various database solutions like Oracle 8 to Microsoft SQL Server. The technology that we developed was acquired by Microsoft in 2005 and became the foundation for the SQL Server Migration Assistant.

In 2007, our founders Dmitry and Irena Balin took their product development experience and relaunched DB Best to grow the business through creating web, mobile, and enterprise solutions for customers. This was mostly the result of database migrations projects requiring a deep expertise in not only the target database but also the source database. Likewise, we had developed expertise in application platforms like Java and .NET so that we could ensure that our customers’ applications run better in the new targeted environment.

We soon realized that once the system is in production, you need to keep it running with proactive monitoring and maintenance activities. So, we launched our Operational Data Management service to provide long-term support for your solutions with our managed service offer. This way you can spend more time innovating and have us keep the lights on for your IT operations.

Along the way, we developed our Migrator series of products to improve the transfer of Oracle, IBM, and MySQL data to SQL Server. Since migration projects take time, we developed the Database Compare Suite to look at schema and data to detect apply any schema changes and data changes that may have occurred in the production system.

In 2015, we extended our offerings to include Amazon Web Services and developed unique expertise with the Database Migration Service and Schema Conversion Tool for migrating on-premises workloads to AWS. Since then, we are now a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner and applying what we know from running and deploying production workloads on Azure and AWS.

What makes DB Best unique over other technology consulting companies is our unique blend of:

  • people that make up DB Best;
  • products that we developed to support our projects, and
  • processes we’ve built up over time for managing data and applications anywhere.
17 years of success on the market
Offices in the US, Europe, and Middle East
Partnership with Microsoft, AWS, Google, and IBM


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