Oracle to PostgreSQL migration tool
Comparing Ora2Pg with АWS SCT for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration
18 May 2020

AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) and Ora2PG allow for automating database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Which tool would you prefer to use in real migration project for enterprise accounts? Read this blog post to find the answer.

Application modernization best practices
Application modernization best practices
28 Apr 2020

The DB Best team completed multiple application modernization projects and discovered a set of best practices on this topic. Read the blog post to learn more about the application modernization path that is right for you!

20 Apr 2020

WellBeam is an application that provides for effective digital communication between the physicians’ teams and home health agencies to entrust them post-process care about dismissed patients. Powered by AWS, this application streamlines the workflows along the patient care continuum improving the clinical outcomes and simplifying reimbursements.  

Migration Platform 1.2
Backup Improvements and Errors Handling for DB Best Migration Platform
01 Apr 2020

DB Best has released a new version of Migration Platform, an all-around program for automating database migration processes. This newer 1.2 version improves error handling practices for Test Organizer by creating additional mapping rules for matching different error messages and codes. We have also added the partial data backup and restore functionality along with the capability to add and remove tables from existing datasets for the Data Store module. On top of that, we have enabled more options for command […]

Database Compare Suite 5.2 brings MariaDB support
01 Apr 2020

DB Best has released a new version of Database Compare Suite. This version supports MariaDB, a popular fork of MySQL database platform. Another major improvement of the latest release is virtual views. The list of updates includes: MariaDB support Virtual views Interface update Read this blog post to discover how to use these data objects and when you need to create them. Database Compare Suite supports MariaDB Database Compare Suite now allows you to work with MariaDB databases. The application […]

Social networking application with custom machine and search algorithm
18 Mar 2020

Everybody knows about social networks. Seriously, mobile devices have reached every corner of our planet and enabled people to chat with each other. But what’s the point of making another app if there’s Facebook, right? Actually, it makes sense if you look at the stats — the main social network is on the decline, meanwhile, more niche solutions feel the rise. Neat features is what makes small apps viable and we have the prowess to implement them. Among things like […]

Utilize Machine Learning to double the retail sales
17 Mar 2020

Every retailer knows that product position within their store has a direct influence on revenue. DB Best leveraged neural networks and machine learning algorithms to develop a solution for a retail customer that allows for doubling sales. Read the blog post to learn how to make use of machine learning algorithms in your business.

SSIS controlling framework
Using Azure DevOps and PowerShell to automate testing of SSIS packages
11 Mar 2020

One of our customers aimed to modernize their on-premises project and replace the aging AS/400 system with Microsoft SQL Server. Having an enormous amount of code, the existing program was almost maintainable and cried for a smart solution. DB Best developed a brand-new way to manage epic projects. We required a smart solution to optimize costs and streamline the process. Our team leveraged the latest DevOps practices to create a solution that allows for managing the epic systems in layers. […]

Wellness watch application
11 Mar 2020

Remember the day Apple Watch was released and how it stormed through the market in April 2015? Now, wearables have become a significant part of our lives —  and if a phone manufacturer wants to be competitive, there should be fitting smartwatches to back its claims. The importance of Apple Watch reflects a general trend, as the Apple ecosystem is among the main reasons for iPhone’s popularity. Creating a wellness app makes perfect sense. Smartwatches are on the forefront of […]