Social networking application with custom machine and search algorithm
18 Mar 2020

Everybody knows about social networks. Seriously, mobile devices have reached every corner of our planet and enabled people to chat with each other. But what’s the point of making another app if there’s Facebook, right? Actually, it makes sense if you look at the stats — the main social network is on the decline, meanwhile, more niche solutions feel the rise. Neat features is what makes small apps viable and we have the prowess to implement them. Among things like […]

Utilize machine learning to double your sales
17 Mar 2020

Business leaders always need insights into their sales data to act decisively. The machine learning provides the retail industry with the most precise forecasts. Every store has the goods that go off better, and some that are dull of sale. The DB Best data scientists leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to developed a solution that allows for doubling the sales for a certain store based on its sales data. Using the neural network to build a revenue forecasting […]

Utilizing SSIS to deploy a controlling framework running the system in layers
11 Mar 2020

Developers always face problems having to assemble a build when they work as a big team on a large project. In these cases, the version controlling systems like Git, SVN, or CVS come to help. Though, to effectively manage big projects we require more advanced solutions. For one of our complicated database modernization projects, the DB Best team developed a controlling framework to manage the system by parts and layers that allowed for cost-effective delivery and reducing human errors. Our […]

Wellness watch application
11 Mar 2020

Remember the day Apple Watch was released and how it stormed through the market in April 2015? Now, wearables have become a significant part of our lives —  and if a phone manufacturer wants to be competitive, there should be fitting smartwatches to back its claims. The importance of Apple Watch reflects a general trend, as the Apple ecosystem is among the main reasons for iPhone’s popularity. Creating a wellness app makes perfect sense. Smartwatches are on the forefront of […]

Test automation blog post featured image
Using TestNG and Apache Maven for web and batch testing
03 Mar 2020

As your applications grow, it becomes more and more challenging to execute regression testing on the existing infrastructure time and budget-wise. It also becomes impossible to keep up with a decent level of quality, as the number of users grows. For every software product owner, the time comes when he should build a solid test automation environment and increase the stability of the service. In this blog post, we’ll tell the story of how DB Best brought the project with 10% apps test coverage to 70% test coverage, reduced regression time from 5 days to 5 hours, and built the testing environment that allows detecting faults instantly. 

Rental car mobile application development
26 Feb 2020

The world has over a billion cars and not of them are being used. Some people have older vehicles, some don’t have time for using them but both the categories have a common thought — why not lease it and make a quick buck out of idle cars? Luckily, there are always people willing to rent cars for trips and DB Best connects these people together. The long-reaching app nature allows for attracting customers from all around the world to […]

Invoke-Sqlcmd variable parameter
Using PowerShell Invoke-Sqlcmd with Variable parameter
24 Feb 2020

I recently needed to use PowerShell to call a T-SQL script using Invoke-Sqlcmd with the -Variable parameter. In my case, I wanted to specify the locations for backup files and where to restore the data and log files. Rather than add the conditions into the SQL script, I wanted to make the SQL script as generic as possible, and use SQLCMD variables for the different scenarios. In this blog, I’ll show how to use the array sub-expression operator and “splatting” […]

Migration Platform update
Improving the Test Organizer module of the DB Best Migration Platform
13 Feb 2020

DB Best released a new version of Migration Platform, our ultimate product for automating database migrations. In this release we added new features to the Test Organizer module, a unique and unrivaled feature of the DB Best Migration Platform. We also made several improvements of the user interface. In this blog post, we will cover these new application features, however, we recommend you starting with our previous blog posts: A typical workflow of the DB Best Migration Platform Using the […]

ML in construction blog post cover image
Eliminate safety breaches in construction with ML algorithms
11 Feb 2020

In this blog post, we describe how we developed a solution to prevent the most common safety breaches in construction. The solution combines machine learning algorithms and computer vision technologies to detect workers not wearing helmets analyzing video materials. Our algorithms reached 98% accuracy, and we’re proud that the solution actively used by our customers.

Integrating machine learning into ETL processing for data cleansing
30 Jan 2020

This case study features our experience of measuring data science algorithms to optimize the ETL processing for data cleansing.