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04 Nov 2020


Increase database performance while migrating to SQL Server
Increasing database performance by migrating from Ingres to SQL Server
18 Jul 2017

One of our customers needed to migrate their Ingres Database system to Microsoft SQL Server wanting to improve the performance of their system. We came up with a migration solution and updated the business logic module of their application. As a result, the customer achieved a sufficient performance increase, improved the database system security, and got an optimized business logic architecture. The video below depicts the migration process in details: (more…)...

Using AWS Schema Conversion Tool Extension Pack for Data Warehouses
28 Apr 2017

When migrating to Amazon Redshift, you need a way to convert functions and other capabilities that Oracle, Teradata, Greenplum, Netezza support that Redshift does not natively support. The AWS Schema Conversion Tool Extension Pack for Data Warehouses provides Python based libraries to provide the same functionally with Redshift. In this post, we will show how the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) generates the extension packs to help in your migration effort. You will have to upload the extension pack for your source database which includes the functions from the user-defined Python libraries to S3 storage. In the following video, we demonst...

Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA
Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA: How to convert unsupported table expressions
09 Mar 2017

Oracle’s table functions allow you to define a set of PL/SQL statements that will, when queried, behave just as a regular query to the table. You may use the table function to manipulate the individual elements of a collection (user-defined object types) in your SQL code. The problem is that SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle can not convert table function and generates a set of errors: O2SS0474: Conversion of user defined type variable is not supported and is converted to type of VARCHAR(8000). O2SS0339: Cannot convert usage of standalone user-defined type. O2SS0482: Conversion of following TABLE expression is not support...

5 essentials to learn about your data platform with DBMSys
28 Sep 2016

DBMSys is a lightweight tool designed by DB Best specifically around collecting data from multiple environments to help develop a business case for a modernization to upgrade path. The Microsoft MAP Toolkit is good for scanning systems and providing a snapshot of some system metrics, but doesn’t provide data over time to understand peak workload requirements and storage capacity needs. DBMSys turns monitoring on its head. Not only does DBMSys help with monitoring your environment for capacity needs, it provides data over time needed to make informed business choices on current and future plans for scalability, flexibility, and increased...

Portfolio spotlight: HIMYNAMEIS iOS application
09 Aug 2016

As dating apps rapidly become more ingrained in the culture of modern dating, some people cannot imagine life without them. However, every user knows how difficult it can be to portray yourself accurately with nothing but text and a few pictures. After all, seeing a static image does not suffice in fully understanding whether the person is The One, no one, or simply a great buddy. HIMYNAMEIS is a unique application that strives to make the online dating experience more genuine with an elegant solution to this problem: It allows users to create a short video presentation instead of a profile picture for introductions. Moreover, it makes dating...

12 sure steps to SQL Server upgrade success
12 sure steps to SQL Server upgrade success
02 Aug 2016

Upgrade and modernization projects for SQL Server should not be taken lightly. You might want to take advantage of the latest versions of SQL Server 2016. You might need to take your aging SQL Server 2000 or 2005 solutions running on older hardware and operating systems and get them onto a supported version of SQL Server. In either case, having a programmatic approach to upgrading your applications and databases is critical to keeping your business running. At DB Best Technologies, we have a 12-step approach for upgrade projects based on our proven Migration Methodology. These steps include thorough assessment, conversion of database schemas,...

DB Best Chat Application Solutions
29 Jul 2016

Mobile chat clients are undergoing a dramatic rise in importance in both our social and professional lives. The ability to communicate instantaneously is essential, and mobile devices are the only chat devices we can count on having at any given time. Having crafted many chat apps to serve a number of purposes, DB Best understands the development process and the complications that can arise when creating a mobile chat app. Today, we would like to share the architecture solutions that we offer for mobile chat app development. Chat applications come in all kinds of flavors and vary greatly in complexity. Let’s review them starting with basic ...

DB Best at internal Microsoft events
28 Jul 2016

DB Best returned to our booth at an internal Microsoft event this week. Our enthusiastic staff members were clamoring for the opportunity to helm the booth and chat with our valued colleagues at Microsoft. We had many enlightening conversations over the course of our three days at the events. On Tuesday night, we held a special invitation-only event for our Microsoft friends at a local Bellevue restaurant, where dozens of employees stopped by to join us for food and drinks. To cap off the wonderful week, we had another get-together in Seattle on Wednesday night. It was another fantastic turnout, and we were happy to have so many comrades eage...

Introduction to SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor
18 Jul 2016

NOTE: Microsoft has since abandoned the SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor and now calls the tool the Microsoft Data Migration Assistant (DMA). The concepts for using the tool are the same for using DMA as shown below. Please stay tuned for a new blog post that covers the capabilities of DMA. SQL Server 2016 has been released, and it is already making waves as a big step up from previous versions. Naturally, upgrading to SQL Server 2016 has an appeal that is growing with each passing day. But how can you be sure that your databases are ready to make the move without breaking? Enter SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor. With SQL Server 2016 Upgrade A...