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Converting Oracle system functions to PostgreSQL with AWS SCT extension pack
16 Nov 2020

Migrating Oracle databases to PostgreSQL on AWS, you often face challenges with converting system functions. Oracle has a rich set of built-in functions, and PostgreSQL doesn’t provide users with all of those. To support and simplify Oracle to PostgreSQL on AWS migrations, AWS Schema Conversion Tool provides users with an extension pack. After applying it to your Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL or Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database, you may use the functions, which emulate the behavior of Oracle’s system functions. You can find more information on the extension packs for OLTP databases on our blog. In this blog post, we will focus on the...

PL/SQL to C# converter
Converting embedded Oracle PL/SQL code to C# with an automated converter
12 Aug 2020

Our customer, a global provider of risk management products and services, was looking to reduce maintenance costs by migrating their international Oracle application to Azure. Their source monolithic application used the PL/SQL code embedded into the Oracle database and required a vast modernization effort. Particularly, we faced a challenging task of converting a huge amount of business logic. This proved to be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. The DB Best team created a fully automated PL/SQL to C# conversion tool, which allowed us to accomplish the project in an efficient, secure, reliable, and cost-effective way. The following...

Oracle Forms Converter trial
DB Best releases Oracle Forms Converter
07 Aug 2020

DB Best is proud to introduce the trial version of Oracle Forms Converter. This application helps clients move away from legacy Oracle Forms and modernizes them to current web-based solutions. Historical background on Oracle Forms modernization Oracle introduced the first version of Forms over 30 years ago. Since then, Oracle Forms and Reports have become deeply embedded in many IT portfolios. Because of Forms and Reports’ tight integration with the Oracle database, it’s hard to replace them or find alternatives. However, the DB Best team has established a proven Oracle Forms and Reports modernization process. Considering the weakness...

Top customers’ stories on AWS
03 Aug 2020

Last updated in August 2020 The goal of DB Best blog is to deliver technical content on various completed projects and researches. Publishing over 100 blog posts per year, we pay great attention to the projects, related to the cloud data platforms in general, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in particular. Some of the AWS customers’ stories attract more attention than others, so, that’s why we decided to collect them in one place. We consider these articles must-read and super useful. Please take a look through our list of the most read customers’ stories on AWS. Top 5 AWS customers’ stories Working with top-tier customer...

Top AWS DMS and SCT blog posts
03 Aug 2020

Last updated in August 2020 Sharing our technical experience with the readers, we’ve reached a pretty impressive audience on our blog. So, it was pretty easy to distinguish the most popular AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) Support stories. Let’s jump right in and review the most valuable and really important DB Best blog posts on AWS DMS and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT). We’ve got an impressive series of blog posts, where we talk about the features of AWS Schema Conversion Tool, which is the must-use utility for moving workloads into the Amazon cloud. In addition to that, we talk about popular conversion issues, ...

Database Compare Suite 5.3 BigQuery
Database Compare Suite 5.3 brings BigQuery support
08 Jul 2020

DB Best has released a new version of Database Compare Suite. This version supports Google’s BigQuery, a serverless and highly scalable cloud data warehouse platform. Also, the latest product release includes the updated Database Compare Suite user guide which now provides for convenient search and better user interaction. The list of updates includes: Database Compare Suite supports BigQuery Introducing the updated user guide Command-line interface improvements User interface improvements Read this blog post to learn more about the latest Database Compare Suite features. Database Compare Suite supports BigQuery We are happy to announce...

Migration Platform update
Improving the Test Organizer module of the DB Best Migration Platform
13 Feb 2020

DB Best released a new version of Migration Platform, our ultimate product for automating database migrations. In this release we added new features to the Test Organizer module, a unique and unrivaled feature of the DB Best Migration Platform. We also made several improvements of the user interface. In this blog post, we will cover these new application features, however, we recommend you starting with our previous blog posts: A typical workflow of the DB Best Migration Platform Using the Test Organizer What’s new in the DB Best Migration Platform 1.1? First of all, users can create universal tests and run them against different databa...

Database Compare Suite command-line interface
Automating data management operations with command-line interface of Database Compare Suite
23 Jan 2020

We continue our blog post series covering key Database Compare Suite (DBCS) features. In our previous posts, we talked about comparing data and discovering data differences by leveraging the user interface of Database Compare Suite. The command-line interface of our product provides users with all the features of the main application. In this blog post we will talk about using Database Compare Suite in the CLI mode. Why use Database Compare Suite in the CLI mode? This approach allows for increased productivity. Simply put, you prepare the script once and then use it every day. Also, finding the objects you need to compare in huge databases t...

DevOps process Oracle Forms
Automating Oracle Forms and Reports conversion with a DevOps process
03 Jan 2020

The DB Best Oracle Forms and Reports Converter automates the conversion of your forms to a modern Web 2.0 architecture. We use the Oracle provided FormModules, ObjectLibraries, or MenuModules to XML command-line tool called Forms2XML along with the corresponding Oracle Reports convert to XML tools to start the process. Our converter then processes the source XML files to JavaScript files and SQL code fragments. In this blog post, we will show our best practices for incorporating our Oracle Forms and Reports Converter into a Continous Integration (CI) / Continous Deployment (CD)  DevOps process to shorten developer lead time and reduce chan...

Careers portal icons
16 Dec 2019

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