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CI/CD best practices
Applying CI/CD for deploying data-driven applications after migrating from Oracle to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
02 Dec 2019

When it comes to database migrations, application conversion/remediation along with functional testing of the entire system account for over 50% of the total effort. By using a proven CI/CD process, we’ve been able to reduce the overall migration time and create repeatable processes for on-going changes after the migration. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how we helped a large multinational software company with ambitious growth plans migrate their Oracle Database and Java solution to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL. What used to take 54 hours to deploy new releases before, only takes 4.5 hours with their new CI/CD process! Technolo...

Oracle Forms modernization assessment
Using the Assessment Tool to estimate your Oracle Forms modernization project
21 Nov 2019

A lot of our customers are stuck with legacy Oracle Forms. Looking for better performance, our customers want to get off their outdated solutions and run their modernized forms in any web browser. DB Best developed the Oracle Forms Converter that helps automatically migrate up to 100% of the source Oracle Forms code to Web 2.0 architecture. However, at the very beginning, you may want to estimate the effort required for modernization. At this point, we suggest using our free Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool. This product allows for a better understanding of possible modernization hurdles. The Assessment Tool performs a thorough anal...

automating database migration
Automating database migration projects with DB Best Migration Platform
06 Nov 2019

PASS Summit 2019, Seattle, WA — DB Best released a multi-purpose Migration Platform, introducing full automation for all steps of a database upgrade or migration project. DB Best creates automated database migration solutions since the beginning of the company’s development. Our first automated conversion product released back in 2003 was acquired by Microsoft and became the foundation of the Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant product line. Since then a lot of new technologies evolved and the database migrations became commonplace. Many companies are regularly looking for opportunities to increase performance and lower maintenan...

Automated Oracle Forms Converter
Modernizing your outdated Oracle Forms using an automated Oracle Forms Converter
06 Nov 2019

At the PASS Summit 2019, DB Best introduced a completely reworked Oracle Forms Converter, which is designed to automate conversion from legacy Oracle Forms to a modern web2.0 architecture.  Originally built in 2015, this technology had gone through a massive rework. We’ve put our hard earned experience to create a state of the art product that we are proud to re-launch. DB Best team has completed handful of Oracle Forms modernization projects, using this technology. Moving our customers from Oracle Forms to HTML5 and React Native JavaScript front end, we passed several iterations of the product development. This means that we already...

Database Compare Suite 5.0 update brings a new user interface
14 Oct 2019

The latest Database Compare Suite release significantly updates the design of our product. In Database Compare Suite 5.0, we updated the user experience and simplified the user interface. The list of other updates includes: New matching rules Updated application settings License term changes Caption In addition to that, we updated the command-line interface of Database Compare Suite to simplify DevOps operations. Consider using Database Compare Suite in the CLI mode to automate your routine DevOps tasks related to application migration between different environments, database upgrades, and integrity checks. Read the blog post to learn more ab...

Fast data comparison operation
Fast data comparison with Database Compare Suite
22 Aug 2019

We continue our blog post series that cover the key Database Compare Suite features. In our previous blog posts, we talked about validating data migration and discovering exact data differences in selected tables. Now, we want to talk about comparing huge data assets. For example, when it comes to comparing tables with millions/billions of rows, the operations may last for minutes and even hours. Of course, this is unacceptable, especially when we talk about the downtime of the production environment. So, we want to show how you can use Database Compare Suite to quickly verify migration of extremely huge tables. Check out our video to see how...

Detailed data comparison
Detailed data comparison with Database Compare Suite
20 Aug 2019

We continue our blog post series that cover the key Database Compare Suite features. In our previous blog post, we talked about validating data migration. We discovered that several tables are different. Now, we want to see the exact data differences. Check out our video to see how simple this is with detailed data comparison operation in Database Compare Suite. As you can see, Database Compare Suite allows for identifying data differences in 2 tables. Using the detailed data comparison operation, you can discover the exact data differences row by row. Also, you can easily navigate through the different data values. This helps figure out how ...

cost-effective architecture Azure
Best practices, key considerations, and epic fails of cloud adoption for an enterprise-level customer
20 Aug 2019

Subject/Title: Best practices, key considerations, and epic fails of cloud adoption for an enterprise-level customer Alternative option: Building a cost-effective architecture in the Azure cloud Type of Content: Starting a series of blog posts that cover our experience with the cloud technologies and cloud migrations. We need these blog posts to support cloud lunch-and-learn events. Target audience: IT executives and professionals Summary of Content: Talk about our positive experience as well as the fails and mistakes that we had during cloud adoption projects. Introduction One of our customers, a leading international wholesale energy market...

Data comparison
Comparing data in your databases using Database Compare Suite
13 Aug 2019

At DB Best, we believe our Database Compare Suite is the ultimate solution for database developers, administrators, quality assurance, and DevOps engineers to simplify their daily routine. It allows you to compare schema and/or data with source and targets on either the same or different database engines. Until we have Database Compare Suite on every developer’s desktop, we are starting a series of mini-blog posts with short videos to hopefully convince you that you can’t live without our Database Compare Suite! Let’s kick things off with a scenario where we just migrated an Oracle database to PostgreSQL using AWS Database M...

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Why MVP is a viable way to start your business?
13 Jun 2019

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development strategy in which a new product is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early users. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users. To find out more about the development process insides, check our Top 10 misleading ideas that don’t work in applications development article. Generally speaking, the minimum viable product is the first version of a mobile application or a website, which has only the crucial features that reflect the core idea of your startup. As your user base grows, so does your produ...