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Upgrade application 2019
Upgrade your mobile applications to meet the marketplace requirements in 2019
09 Jul 2019

Apple and Google set new rules for mobile applications on the App Store and Google Play annually. Even if you are not a developer, as a business person whose business is strongly associated with an application or a mobile platform, you should review them. So, let’s see what restrictions and updates we will face within the app market in 2019. It’s all about security The issue of security has everyone abuzz. Globally, users are letting developers know that they want their private data to stay private. They want to complete security when carrying out any transaction or when signing agreements. They also want to be sure that the millions of ...

Developing a worldwide lost and found platform
06 Jun 2019

PerdidoOnline, a Puerto Rico based startup came up with an idea to help the unfortunate among us who lose our belongings wherever we go. Our customer wanted to develop a locator and tracking solution to create a global virtual Lost and Found community. DB Best developed iOS and Android applications and a web platform introducing the customers to the service. Finding lost property Lost property offices are rapidly disappearing from hotels, stations, and other locations, yet people continue to lose or misplace things. On average, people spend 150 days of their life looking for keys, laptops, luggage, and many other items, and statistics show ...

Developing a secure healthcare data platform
25 Apr 2019

One of our US healthcare clients approached us to create a reliable and secure data platform for their application. After examining their data infrastructure and goals, DB Best came up with a cloud-based solution to build questionnaires based application, to meet the customer’s needs. An application guiding your lifestyle Our customer envisioned an application to help people suffering from chronic diseases live full, unobstructed lives. For sufferers of these life-long illnesses, keeping track of their symptoms and bodily health, as well as following their doctor’s advice, is key to overcoming their disease. However, we all kno...

Using smart IoT systems to keep your office manager from going insane
11 Apr 2019

Technologies drive our lives. Smart IoT solutions have found a place in our homes in the form of connected locks, cameras, and alarms. But have you ever thought about using IoT technologies to change office life for the better? For you, we’re going to deep dive into all the tech connecting workplaces. The perks of running your office from a tablet For most of us, offices are living places and naturally, we want to feel at home. When we don’t — we find the office manager with our wish-lists, that turn into to-do-lists for them. Running an office of 300+ employees is not an easy task. However, keeping things in order seems far more re...

IoT transforming your office into a healthy and green workspace
21 Mar 2019

That finally happened. You received the coveted letter of employment and have settled into your dream job. In less than a week, the euphoria fades and you realize that you’re staring at the same monitors day, after day, after day. Your constant back pain, twitching eye, and the spoiled milk in the office kitchen are all reminding you that the honeymoon period is over. However, for many companies things are going to change – employee wellbeing is now a top priority. Today, more and more businesses are focusing on employee wellbeing. Studies show that employee health, workplace productivity, and employee satisfaction rates all impro...

Fail fast while you can! Don’t let your design process doom your start-up idea
26 Feb 2019

There are a few more exciting things in life than creating something from nothing, watching your hard work evolve from an idea into a product. Seeing people hold in their hands something that, only a short time before, was just a thought in your mind. As you set yourself down to build your first application, you’re walking the path of those that have helped revolutionize our world. From Facebook to Uber, Tinder to Twitter, you’re part of a small group of like-minded people that want to build a new way to disrupt and innovate. As you sit down to chart your development process, there are a few key points that you have to remember &#...

Building a Secure P2P Car Rental Mobile App
29 Dec 2018

Most people prefer connecting with people, not huge companies. DB Best brought to life the idea of connecting car owners and car renters directly, enabling car owners to lend out their vehicles for rent, and renters to find and hire cars in their location — all with just a few simple clicks of a peer-to-peer car rental mobile app. DB Best delivered a simple and secure peer-to-peer mobile application for iOS and Android and integrated them with kiosks for storing car keys. Watch the following video and read our blog to learn more about the cool technologies that we used in this project.  Make money from your car Let’s take a look at...