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Transformation of Oracle applications into cloud-driven .NET apps utilizing PL/SQL to C# Converter
14 Jul 2020

Warning! Please, stop all editing and writing activities in this post. Irena shared the new outline, so, we will need to completely rewrite the story. Tech Discovery – Stakeholder: Irena Balin, Roman Rodionov – Purpose: Create a blog post announcing the readiness and release of our new solution for migration Oracle applications on PL/SQL to C#. Now we can offer this kind of modernization to our clients utilizing our internal tool – Deadline: N/A – Target Audience: Business decision-makers – Published as: a technical blog post as the first element of our marketing campaign dedicated to a release of a PL/SQL to C# ...

ML in construction blog post cover image
Eliminate safety breaches in construction with ML algorithms
11 Feb 2020

Construction site safety is one of the most crucial things to take care of during a construction project, since potential emergencies may be life-threatening. Builders tend to neglect safety rules when employers fail to maintain secure working conditions. Luckily, modern technologies can help make a construction site a safer place. In this blog post, we describe how we applied our knowledge in machine learning and computer vision to prevent one of the most common safety breaches among builders. The DB Best team came up with a solution utilizing the YOLO object detection algorithm for a neural network to detect those not wearing hard hats on a...

Test automation blog post cover
Integrating TestNG and Appium for mobile app test automation
28 Jan 2020

For mobile healthcare applications with many connected devices, complex database migration projects, and huge enterprise-level desktop multiplatform products, a solid DevOps environment is critical. In this blog, we’ll show how we used the TestNG and Appium frameworks for mobile app test automation using a CI/CD pipeline. We’ll also look at how we used AWS CloudFormation and PowerShell to deploy the test environment as well. The result was a 3.6 times reduction in testing person-hours and a reduction of the full-regression test cycle time by 25%. Long release cycles crippled innovation Initially, our client had a cross-platform a...

DevOps blog post cover image
How we strengthened a healthcare startup with DevOps
17 Jan 2020

In this blog post, we’ll cover the highlights of how we implemented DevOps technologies and managed to achieve zero downtime for the application deployments, eliminate a huge number of bugs by creating limitless development environments, shorten a full regression test cycle by a factor of 4, and enable a 15-minute infrastructure set up to replace their previous 4-hour set up! Long deployment cycles were limiting innovation A successful startup company providing unique software and hardware solutions for the healthcare industry needed to shorten the downtime for the applications update and decrease the number of bugs that appeared in the ...

anomaly detection
How we improved customer analytics with machine learning algorithms
08 Jan 2020

For retail businesses with distributed point of sales (POS) systems, you can often run into the problem where stores fail to synchronize their data with the centralized data warehouse. If you are not aware of this situation, you can end up taking faulty business decisions when making seasonal adjustments for your supply chain. The top-selling product for the last week at a given store ends up not getting resupplied. Even worse is when last week’s hot seller, no longer is. Given today’s just-in-time inventory processes, the retail store could end up with a new inventory that is no longer meeting the hot-demand from the prior report...

CI/CD solution by DB Best
Creating CI/CD solution for the database unification project
28 Nov 2019

Being an independent software vendor with a pile of applications written decades ago and a huge database in Oracle, our customer wanted to upgrade their software and make it more accessible for clients money-wise. They have built and sold applications for Oracle Database exclusively for 35 years. By now these solutions had become not only harder to sell due to competitiveness but difficult to support and change. Our client required applications’ upgrades, alternative cheaper hosting for users, and the maximum automation of processes around the applications and the database. Within this project, we carried out unification and added the P...

26 Sep 2019

A solution for the healthcare industry is more demanding than any other. You, as an owner, still have a pile of business and technical aspects to count, and additionally, you face specific requests from the industry. Those are security, reliability, and scalability provisions. As a vendor of healthcare-oriented solutions with more than 50 certified development experts on board, we can help you meet the provisions from the industry and build a high-quality product. ПОКАЗАТЕЛЬНЫЕ ИКОНКИ: 5 + years of fulfilling successful healthcare projects 3 dedicated teams in ongoing healthcare development 50 + experts authorized to dev...

Best application development path for your project
Fixed price, time and material contracts, or a dedicated team?
21 Aug 2019

A new inspiring idea exploded in your mind. And you believe the idea has potential and deserves to be put into action. You want the world to see it, and you can even imagine the way this idea transforms into a software solution. Or maybe you already have the solution, and you want to modify or improve it. Finally, you might have your enterprise-level business blooming, but you require specialized engineers to make it more cost-effective.But where do you start? You may have heard about different approaches to application development. But still, you are not sure how they work, and which of them meets your needs best. Let’s take a look at...

DBBest post about misleading ideas in SW development
Top 10 misleading ideas that don’t work in application development
16 Jul 2019

The DB Best team has been building applications for more than 10 years now. These solutions include education, healthcare, social, entertainment, fitness, leisure, and many other sectors. And, a lot of them grew into established businesses and enterprises that started with a bright idea. The software development path that we follow and lead our clients through is very exciting. With every new project and task, we become wiser meeting new obstacles and handling them successfully. What we have learned at DB Best is to appreciate our triumphs. And even more important, we have learned to value the lessons the industry teaches us. So, we’d like ...

The DB Best Business Analysis
The flow and value of business analysis at DB Best
11 Jun 2019

The application development process is a multi-layered activity with the core idea as the starting point and a well-functioning final product as the top layer. In this post, we will focus on the twists and turns involved in bringing the idea through to the final product. IT business analysis is all about the elicitation of business and software requirements. The main goal at this stage is to put flesh on the bones for a client’s idea and to provide proof of concept for its realization. Hence, the business analyst who completes these tasks serves as a bridge between the client and the development team. They transmit the client’s vision a...