Peter Skjøtt Larsen

Senior Director & Principal Architect

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modernization from oracle to sql server
Advanced Engineering Application Modernization from Oracle to SQL Server
22 Apr 2019

As moats create obstacles in the way of an invader, so do proprietary database features for developers. One of Oracle’s proprietary features is the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) which provides efficient communication between application code and the database. There are other ways to connect to Oracle, but once you have committed to OCI, you are “protected” from switching to another database. In this blog post, we break down an application modernization from Oracle to SQL Server for an advanced engineering-oriented customer. Customer Problem Our customer had been using Oracle in their Windows-based product for many years, and they came to ...

graphical editor
Developing a complex web-based 3D graphical editor
11 Jan 2019

Each and every industrial machine on the factory floor gets personalized care from a combination of people and software. Both human eyes and digital algorithms are continually looking at how machines are “feeling” by observing metrics collected from different parts of each machine. Each machine even has a personal ‘diary’ where you can both look back to see all the changes the device has undergone throughout it’s life, as well as the current health of the machine. Watch the video and read the blog post to take a look at the complex software needed to care for such machines. Customer’s problem The sad truth is that ...