Database Compare Suite introduces the Snowflake support
19 Jan 2021

Snowflake is a reckoned force on the data market, thus became a common path for database migrations. As a result, companies see this trend and strive to fulfill the Snowflake demand. And so did we — now it is available in Database Compare Suite as both the source and target platform. But database migration can be a complex process, involving terabytes of data. And even when it’s over, you still need to verify the migration result — this is when Database Compare Suite steps up. The program allows for comparing source and target database platforms, as it stands in the name. Tailor-made for this very purpose, Database Compare Suite thoroug...

The release of Oracle Reports Converter
Oracle Reports Converter release
18 Dec 2020

DB Best proudly announces the release of Oracle Reports Converter. With the accumulated expertise of converting Oracle Reports as a service, we turned this knowledge into a fully-fledged module of the Oracle Forms and Reports Converter duo. Depending on the license, users will either access Oracle Forms Converter or Oracle Reports converter, or both. Why it is valuable From the Oracle’s statement in 2019, its Oracle Reports is no longer supported, meaning it will lack updates and enhancements. With many companies, especially from the public sector, still relying on Oracle database to generate and submit their financial reports, it became cr...

New Migration Platform version
DB Best released a new 1.5 version of Migration Platform
23 Oct 2020

DB Best is glad to introduce the latest version of Migration Platform — a versatile program for automated database migration. The new version provides a rich set of new features by introducing a new Ora2Pg in-build tool, better objects browsing, and general usability improvements. Extending schema conversion capabilities Speed up schema conversion Improved objects navigation Achieve better tests coverage Improve testing pipelines Ora2Pg integration became an important step to facilitate the Oracle to PostgreSQL migration and provide our users with extra options. Schema conversion for existing projects was also a necessary addition to make t...

1.4 Migration Platform release
DB Best released a new 1.4 version of Migration Platform
28 Aug 2020

DB Best is proud to introduce a new version of its Migration Platform — an all-around program that enables all types of automated database migration. In this version, we presented several improvements for the key platform modes: Development and Migration projects. Development project received the support for the SQL Server and Azure platforms, HTML reports for the Test Suite objects, and extra settings for associated and affected objects during and after the test creation. On the other hand, Migration Project received a new pair of the source and target databases: IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL respectively. We also implemented minor upgrades to th...

Migration Platform release
Development mode, expected results, and advanced backup for DB Best Migration Platform
07 Jul 2020

What’s new in DB Best Migration Platform 1.3? DB Best has released a new version of Migration Platform, a program that automates every stage of database migration. In this version, we introduced a new mode for in-depth database testing — Development Project. This mode introduces extra capabilities for the Test Organizer module by creating Expected Results that can be compared with test results later. We also introduced the Setup & Teardown tab — a place where you can manage datasets by saving and restoring them after the text execution. This is a nice addition to the default means of Data Store functionality for keeping data in a sa...

Migration Platform 1.2
Backup Improvements and Errors Handling for DB Best Migration Platform
01 Apr 2020

DB Best has released a new version of Migration Platform, an all-around program for automating database migration processes. This newer 1.2 version improves error handling practices for Test Organizer by creating additional mapping rules for matching different error messages and codes. We have also added the partial data backup and restore functionality along with the capability to add and remove tables from existing datasets for the Data Store module. On top of that, we have enabled more options for command timeouts for the Data Comparison, Test Organizer, Data Store, and Data Migration modules. Be sure to check out our guides on using the c...

Social networking application with custom machine and search algorithm
18 Mar 2020

Everybody knows about social networks. Seriously, mobile devices have reached every corner of our planet and enabled people to chat with each other. But what’s the point of making another app if there’s Facebook, right? Actually, it makes sense if you look at the stats — the main social network is on the decline, meanwhile, more niche solutions feel the rise. Neat features is what makes small apps viable and we have the prowess to implement them. Among things like chat, reactions, updates, and video-messages, DB Best provides custom machine and search algorithms for the apps to craft a tailor-made solution for your needs.  Technical fe...

Wellness watch application
11 Mar 2020

Remember the day Apple Watch was released and how it stormed through the market in April 2015? Now, wearables have become a significant part of our lives —  and if a phone manufacturer wants to be competitive, there should be fitting smartwatches to back its claims. The importance of Apple Watch reflects a general trend, as the Apple ecosystem is among the main reasons for iPhone’s popularity. Creating a wellness app makes perfect sense. Smartwatches are on the forefront of popularity — the number of users more than doubled in a 3-year span, and is projected to rock. The growing volume of sensors also impacts the way smartwatches influ...

Rental car mobile application development
26 Feb 2020

The world has over a billion cars and not of them are being used. Some people have older vehicles, some don’t have time for using them but both the categories have a common thought — why not lease it and make a quick buck out of idle cars? Luckily, there are always people willing to rent cars for trips and DB Best connects these people together. The long-reaching app nature allows for attracting customers from all around the world to eliminate storage and reduce middleman costs. Whether it’s someone renting or leasing a car, both parties will require minimum time and effort making deals via several clicks. Car rental application develo...