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Optimizing database expenses by migrating from Oracle to SQL Server
Quick and easy automatic approach to database conversion
12 May 2017

One of the largest US educational organizations has been running their data handling system in Oracle environment. They wished to reduce maintenance costs due to expensive Oracle licensing model, which includes an additional fee for the partitioning feature. We provided the solution of migrating the customer’s database to SQL Server. Reconstruction of the original partitioning system in SQL Server allowed us to save extra money in addition to significantly lower SQL Server maintenance cost compared to Oracle. Check how we performed the migration to SQL Server and thus saved our customer’s money in the following video: (more&hell...

Improving the web app performance while migrating from DB2 to SQL Server intro
Improving the web app performance while migrating from DB2 to SQL Server
04 May 2017

One of the largest life insurance companies in the United States supported a reporting application. Their system included Java based web app and Informatica data management solution connected to DB2 database. To provide a web interface for reporting needs they employed a WebSphere server for hosting Java application. With this interface, a small circle of users could create reports using data imported from Informatica application. Our customer wanted to reduce the maintenance costs and increase the application functionality. We came up with a solution to migrate the customer database to SQL Server and reconnect the application to the new d...

Oracle to SQL Server using SSIS
Remote migration from Oracle to SQL Server using SSIS
04 May 2017

A global financial software provider contacted us to migrate their billing solution from Oracle to SQL Server using SSIS for one of their strategic clients located at the other end of the world. They also needed to transfer data from Oracle to SQL Server using SSIS. The actual migration had to be performed by the remote team. In order to do so, our customer was looking for an automated solution with detailed step by step instructions. To meet the customer’s needs, we developed a command prompt migration utility accompanied by extensive documentation for a remote team. With our solution, the customer was able to migrate all data within the ...

Azure SQL Database Migration to Embrace Cloud Benefits
06 Apr 2017

One of the leading medical software providers maintained their complex healthcare system with thousands of unique users. Developing over time, this system became overloaded and unsafe. So our customer contacted us to update their system in order to meet the HIPAA standards. After thorough research, we came up with a decision to migrate their databases from SQL Server 2008 to Azure SQL Database. As a result, the customer benefited tremendously from enabling modern high availability and disaster recovery facilities, with better visibility and control of their cost. Check how we have migrated the custom databases to Azure environment in the...

Our customer reduced costs by over 20% by optimizing Azure elastic pools
29 Mar 2017

A leading provider of payroll and HR services in the United States faced the difficulties with configuring the Azure elastic pools for the needs of their SaaS Azure app. The Azure tools provided by Microsoft were not flexible enough to fine-tune the performance of 20,000 customer databases with different utilization patterns. Moreover, it was almost impossible to maintain so many databases manually. We came up with the solution that allows automatic management of the customer databases basing on extensive monitoring of elastic pools performance. Now the customer can optimize the Azure resources utilization that results in over 20 percent r...

Migrating Oracle database to SQL Server for a leading US healthcare company
Migrating Oracle database to SQL Server for a leading US healthcare company
17 Mar 2017

One of the leading US healthcare organizations needed to upgrade their health record system in an effort to drive down costs while enabling new capabilities. We proposed to migrate the Oracle database to SQL Server to build a scalable and secure architecture. We faced a number of Oracle to SQL Server migration challenges, including the huge volume of data along with very large tables aggregated in the original database. As a result, the customer got the modern, secure, platform while saving money. Watch our video to learn how we did it. (more…)...