Building a movie recommendation system using neural network embeddings
10 Apr 2020

IMDB stores over half a billion movies, and this selection fits the description of Big Data. Thus, it is a perfect testing ground for neural networks. Our data scientists conducted discovery to create a recommender that will suggest movies based on the user’s preferences. So, that the more movies you watch, the better AI learns what you like. In this post, we share how to create a movie recommendation system based on neural network embedding. Initial idea Our team built a […]

Utilize Machine Learning to double the retail sales
17 Mar 2020

Every retailer knows that product position within their store has a direct influence on revenue. DB Best leveraged neural networks and machine learning algorithms to develop a solution for a retail customer that allows for doubling sales. Read the blog post to learn how to make use of machine learning algorithms in your business.

ML in construction blog post cover image
Eliminate safety breaches in construction with ML algorithms
11 Feb 2020

In this blog post, we describe how we developed a solution to prevent the most common safety breaches in construction. The solution combines machine learning algorithms and computer vision technologies to detect workers not wearing helmets analyzing video materials. Our algorithms reached 98% accuracy, and we’re proud that the solution actively used by our customers.

Integrating machine learning into ETL processing for data cleansing
30 Jan 2020

This case study features our experience of measuring data science algorithms to optimize the ETL processing for data cleansing.