Introducing Row-Level Security in Azure SQL Databases
22 May 2015

Any organization wants to maintain control as much as possible over the data it possesses. Here at DB Best, Migrations from another Data Platform to SQL Server or Azure is part of the regular business that we do. Oracle and DB2 offer their take on RLS and now SQL Server has another feature that makes it easier for the transition. Row Level Security is currently in “Preview” on Azure SQL Databases and is scheduled to be part of the new […]

Patching Master Data Services
27 Apr 2015

I recently installed my first deployment of Master Data Services (MDS). I installed the SQL Server 2014 (Enterprise Edition) MDS front-end on a new server with the intent to use an existing SQL Server 2014 (Enterprise Edition) database engine for the back-end. Unsurprisingly, I ran into some issues, and as luck would have it, they were not all well documented. I found some help online in places like Microsoft Connect and the TechNet Forums, but much of what I found […]

So, what’s your Data Strategy?
09 Mar 2015

Introduction Working with customers over the past many years, the question of Data Architecture and Data Strategy has come up a lot. ‘What should my data strategy be?’ or ‘How do I go around creating a Data Strategy or a Data Architecture and what are some of the critical elements of a Data Architecture?’ Let me address some of those questions and the importance of having a well-defined Data Strategy and a Data Architecture. First and foremost, why do you […]

Future of Database Management: How can a DBA Stay Relevant?
14 Jan 2015

Changing Nature of Database Management A few months ago I was presenting to a large audience on the topic of running SQL Server in the cloud in IaaS and PaaS. I was touting the auto install, auto management, and the auto patching capabilities. Also, I mentioned the capability of Azure IaaS to auto provision an AlwaysOn cluster. Then I demoed the simple step of picking a ‘template’ and auto installing SQL Server. A gentleman sitting in the audience raised his […]

TOP-10 Database Management and Migration Articles
11 Mar 2014

In less than 2 years DB Best professionals have written and posted over 100 technical articles on database migration and management related topics. These articles have gathered more than 20K views, thousands of likes and dozens of comments from various database management professionals from all over the world. In this post we would like to present a concise and informative review of our most rated articles: