Oracle Forms modernization assessment
Using the Assessment Tool to estimate your Oracle Forms modernization project
21 Nov 2019

Our free Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool performs a thorough analysis of the code of your Oracle Forms and provides you with a detailed assessment report. This report includes a ballpark estimate of the total amount of hours required to complete the modernization project. Read the blog post to see how you can use this product.

Automated Oracle Forms Converter
Modernizing your outdated Oracle Forms using an automated Oracle Forms Converter
06 Nov 2019

DB Best introduces a brand new automated Oracle Forms Converter that helps automatically convert outdated Oracle Forms code to modern web-based solutions. Read our blog and watch the relevant video to discover how you can run your modernized forms in any web browser!

database connection web app
How to establish a database connection after converting Oracle Forms to the web app?
27 Aug 2019

DB Best has successfully completed several Oracle Forms modernization projects, making our customers happy with the new web architecture of their solutions. However, the first question that we regularly hear from our customers sounds as follows. How will the converted web application interact with the database? The problem When an Oracle Forms application communicates with the database server, it acts as a client by querying the database server for requested data. Oracle Forms applications manage the database connection internally. In […]

Oracle Forms SQL statements
How to run SQL statements after migrating from Oracle Forms to web applications
09 Aug 2019

At DB Best, we’ve helped several customers move away from Oracle Forms to a modern web-based solution. To accomplish this, developed a totally new Oracle Forms Converter. This tool allows for automating the migration of your Oracle Forms to web single page applications.  In this blog post, I’ll talk about making SQL statements from Oracle Forms compatible with your new application. The problem Oracle Forms run different queries and execute SQL statements directly at the connected Oracle Database. These SQL statements are […]

Oracle Forms Converter
Introducing the all-new Oracle Forms Converter
02 Jul 2019

A public sector organization from the US faced a problem with an outdated Oracle Forms-based solution. They had thousands of users but couldn’t keep the existing system running at an optimized quality and usability level. Their first option was to create a completely new web-based application to make their Oracle Forms run on the web. However, we at DB Best came up with a second, more cost-effective option that also saved time. We offered to transfer their Oracle Forms to an up-to-date JavaScript code as single-page applications (SPA) running on the web.
Find the details of the DB Best solution in our blog post.

Moving Oracle Forms to Web-Based User Interface
Moving Oracle Forms to The Web as a Part of Database Migration Project
16 May 2017

A government healthcare organization wanted to move their Oracle Forms to a modern web-based UI. We offered to migrate their source Oracle database to SQL Server while converting the deprecated Oracle Forms to the modern-looking web-interface. We used a previously developed technology to automate the major part of Oracle Forms conversion. To demonstrate the feasibility of this technology, we converted one the most complex forms. Having successfully completed the proof of concept, we convinced the customer to continue our partnership. […]

How to revive deprecated Oracle Reports
24 Apr 2017

A large European company decided to migrate their Oracle database system to SQL Server. Of course, they wanted to outmaneuver the performance of their original system. The original customer’s system included a huge bunch of over 700 reports, built in deprecated Oracle forms technology. We offered a solution on the new SQL Server Reporting Services platform. This solution satisfied the rigid performance demands of the customer. We used some previously developed tools to automate the Oracle Forms conversion process, but after […]