Using smart IoT systems to keep your office manager from going insane
11 Apr 2019

Technologies drive our lives. Smart IoT solutions have found a place in our homes in the form of connected locks, cameras, and alarms. But have you ever thought about using IoT technologies to change office life for the better? For you, we’re going to deep dive into all the tech connecting workplaces. The perks of running your office from a tablet For most of us, offices are living places and naturally, we want to feel at home. When we don’t […]

Smart Meeting Logger
Developing a Smart Meeting Logger with Amazon Alexa Cloud Service
05 Mar 2019

The Corporate World runs on meetings. Some meetings are vital to the running of a Fortune 500 company and others could be replaced with simply an email. However, until the day comes that we can link minds together and have all meetings telepathically, they’re going to be a staple of modern working life. Meetings themselves can be a logistical nightmare. Trying to organize where, when, and how everyone meets can make preparing for the meeting as difficult as the meeting […]

Database decisions for the Internet of Things
11 Mar 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly expanding, and the data being transmitted through it grows immensely along with the network. This is why previous and regular methods of data management can’t cope with the growing needs.

The Internet of Things (IoT) explained
11 Mar 2016

Each day we hear more and more people speaking about ‘Internet devices,’ and there are many articles about the ‘IoT’ appearing on news sites each day, but it seems not many people really know what this mysterious ‘IoT’ abbreviation stands for. We will give you a quick sneak peek on what the IoT is, why it is so important, and what’s under the hood, and in the next article we will discuss how IoT-related data is managed and what the […]