Using a Neural Network for Face Tracking on Android
02 Mar 2017

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about face tracking basics. We have demonstrated a simple mobile Face Tracking application, based on native iOS frameworks. Nonetheless, it had some serious limitations and restrictions. We will now take a step forward and talk about more complex face tracking mobile application, where a neural network performs the detection of users’ faces. We should note that the implementation of neural networks in mobile applications proved to be quite a challenging task. […]

Break the Silence — Try Emojitones for Sound Messaging!
01 Mar 2017

Communication remains a very important part of our daily life. Smartphones’ usage growth allows you to stay in touch with your friends on the go. Many chat applications have already made their name in the market, for instance Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Nonetheless a new solution can certainly break through and find its place in the sun. Especially when it comes with some really cool and innovative features. We proudly present Emojitones, the first ever sound-based messenger in the world, developed by DB Best team. This […]

Discover How Face Tracking Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Business
10 Feb 2017

Detection of human faces in real-time imaging is a common task, which may occur in different areas and fit diverse business demands. Various algorithms were developed to resolve this task, and some of these solutions can be used in mobile applications for iOS or Android. Let us take a look at an iOS application prototype, which demonstrates the implementation of the Face Detection technology in quite a simple and entertaining way. Have a look at the following video to learn […]

Portfolio spotlight: Momdezvous mobile application
05 Feb 2017

Mothers of small children are a specific category of people, united by common interests, problems, and hobbies. Absolutely all mothers are interested in finding new friends for communication, spending time together, and visiting various events. It would be great if new friends were living nearby. The main goal of the Momdezvous mobile application, developed at DB Best, is to unite moms with small children on one social network and provide interesting leisure and activities. Momdezvous is a private social network […]

Cross-platform video streaming using RTSP
27 Jan 2017

Remote cameras can be used in various application solutions. Usually, this technology helps with building a local monitoring system for home or office (for example, a baby monitoring system). Besides that, remote cameras can come in handy for the fun and games industry: you can attach the compatible device to drones or other radio controlled toys and control them using a live view from the remote camera. The live video broadcast from one mobile device to another can be carried […]

Now is the time to consider augmented reality applications
16 Jan 2017

Mobile applications industry delivers good news: augmented reality (AR), voice control, virtual reality (VR) and other amazing technologies become more and more popular. More importantly, modern smartphones have enough power to process the graphics for AR and VR. You can simply insert your smartphone into an affordable VR headset in order to dive into virtual reality. So, the most part of smartphone users now can access this variety of modern breathtaking technologies. Moreover, these technologies are not expensive and they do not require extra […]

Portfolio spotlight: Using iBeacons in the mobile application for exhibitions
04 Jan 2017

Visiting an exhibition, you may want to use a specific mobile application developed for the particular event. Especially if we’re talking about an airplane show, which tend to cover large areas. During the show, you would definitely like to know exactly where you are, what’s around you, and where else to go. Using map services to implement the previously mentioned features is a fairly simple and common task. But how do we get information about the various exhibits? Well, here […]

Innovation in Loyalty Programs: Augmented Reality Mobile Application for Discount Offers
10 Nov 2016

People enjoy the money-saving rewards of discount offers. On top of that, people enjoy the fun of playing games. With Reward Hunter from the DB Best app development team, mobile phone users can get the best of both worlds. At DB Best, we’ve combined these two activities into one augmented reality mobile application that can engage users and help you grow your business. This fun new application, called Reward Hunter, comes in an “out of the box” version for use on either iOS or Android mobile phones. Reward Hunter can […]

Portfolio spotlight: HIMYNAMEIS iOS application
09 Aug 2016

As dating apps rapidly become more ingrained in the culture of modern dating, some people cannot imagine life without them. However, every user knows how difficult it can be to portray yourself accurately with nothing but text and a few pictures. After all, seeing a static image does not suffice in fully understanding whether the person is The One, no one, or simply a great buddy. HIMYNAMEIS is a unique application that strives to make the online dating experience more […]

DB Best Chat Application Solutions
29 Jul 2016

Mobile chat clients are undergoing a dramatic rise in importance in both our social and professional lives. The ability to communicate instantaneously is essential, and mobile devices are the only chat devices we can count on having at any given time. Having crafted many chat apps to serve a number of purposes, DB Best understands the development process and the complications that can arise when creating a mobile chat app. Today, we would like to share the architecture solutions that […]