Portfolio Spotlight: Multimedia Mobile App for an Art Project
22 Mar 2013

“Making a big deal out of the little things” The iPad app we created for our client is a collaborative art project dedicated to focusing on the past, present, and future of randomly selected city blocks. Our crew and the client are very excited about the app’s sleek design, user interface, ease of use, and overall speed. But don’t take our work for it – watch the app in action in the video below:

Portfolio Spotlight: Download Files Using Your iPhone
20 Mar 2013

As we all know iOS as the system is pretty locked down and so it doesn’t offer an easy way for downloading files while browsing the Web using Safari. Our mobile development team recently solved the problem by creating a smart iOS app for one of our clients. The app features a neat download manager with multiple types of sharing options. Now let’s watch this video that demonstrates all the bells and whistles of the application:

Portfolio Spotlight: A Cross-Platform Video Chat Solution
13 Mar 2013

If you want to launch the next Skype, an alternative to Facebook Video Chat, or web conferencing software – we now have a solution! Our proprietary video chat system can be easily integrated with your existing apps and all you need to do is start a project with us. Building live video experiences with lifelike face-to-face emotion is easy with OpenTok Our team of mobile experts used OpenTok – a technology that makes it extremely easy to weave live, group […]

Our Web Design and Web Development Process: 10 Steps from Idea to Production
07 Mar 2013

“Stop Thinking in Pages. Start Thinking in Systems.” – Jeremy Keith “Responsive design gives us the opportunity to rethink our whole approach to designing for the web. We can stop designing “websites” and “mobile sites.” We can create flexible content delivery systems: sets of rules that define how our content will be presented as its context shifts.” Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff without Mockups In this article we want to share with you the key steps involved in creating a successful website. We […]

Beyond Android and iOS SDKs – Smart Technologies for Your Next Mobile App
01 Mar 2013

When you’re selecting a Content Management System for your company blog, there are not many choices left – no doubt, you’ll end up with WordPress or Tumblr. If you’re looking for an ecommerce solution, the landscape is a bit more complex – Magento, osCommerce, Shopify, to name just a few – but when comparing key features and pricing models, you’ll easily make a decision that fits your specific needs. However, when you enter the mobile space, in most cases you […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Shopify Store for an Education iPad App
22 Feb 2013

Helping kids practice holding writing implements correctly. Back in 2010 one of our clients released their first iPad app – an airplane themed letter writing game. Over time, parental and educator feedback on the app led to the creation of a cool new app, the first capacitive stylus for kids that now works with 300,000+ apps on most mobile touch screen devices. The app is the only stylus for kids to have received an editor’s choice distinction from PC Magazine. […]

Android Portfolio Spotlight: Local Commerce App
21 Feb 2013

Find Out What to Do Tonight in Your City The new Android app we’ve developed for one of our clients in Canada helps you find dining deals, lodging specials, daily events, nightly entertainment, and band venues. The app also comes in handy when you go on a trip and want to find activities you can enjoy during your stay. Let’s see what people have to say: Looking for what to do and where to go? From the business perspective, by […]

Mobile Application Development Process
Behind The Scenes: Our Mobile Application Development Process from Concept to Release
19 Feb 2013

Back in 2002, when DB Best opened its doors, it offered state-of-the-art database migration services. In 2008, after years of migrating enterprise applications and databases, we saw an opportunity to expand into web and mobile development. Just a few months later in 2009 we started delivering mobile applications, including games, mobile commerce apps, and communication solutions. Using our carefully crafted methodology for designing and building technology products we’ve created dozens of Android and iOS applications. These apps that have been […]

Comparing Microsoft SQL Server FTS and Apache Lucene
So You Think You Can Search – Comparing Microsoft SQL Server FTS and Apache Lucene
08 Feb 2013

Prologue In 1999, when I was in my first year of university, if I wanted to check my e-mail I had to make my way across campus into one of the few computer labs. I used to make my way into class, open the browser, type the address, and then go out to grab some coffee. Usually when I came back I was really happy to see that at least half of the page had loaded. Today, we are not […]

Ecommerce Development: Sell More with Magento, Shopify or OpenCart
07 Feb 2013

Some of our customers ask: can DB Best deliver the complete ecommerce solution? Our answer is “Absolutely”. Whether you want to use an open source ecommerce platform, a plug-and-play shopping cart, or an enterprise-level ecommerce app, our talented developers and technical engineers have everything you need to create a successful online store. Choosing an Ecommerce Solution That’s Right For You In our portfolio we have several ecommerce projects developed by our team, from design and customization to deployment and marketing: 1. […]