The DB Best Business Analysis
The flow and value of business analysis at DB Best
11 Jun 2019

The application development process is a multi-layered activity with the core idea as the starting point and a well-functioning final product as the top layer. IT Business Analysis is all about the elicitation of business and software requirements. The main goal at this stage is to put flesh on the bones for a client’s idea and to provide proof of concept for its realization.
In this post, we will focus on the twists and turns involved in bringing the idea through to the final product.

How to manage a WordPress deployment with Azure DevOps using Docker Containers
21 Mar 2019

As a Cloud Architect for DB Best Technology, with emphasis on the Azure platform, I’ve seen almost all of what the cloud has to offer. For the past 7 years, I’ve been helping customers develop and deploy their applications for Microsoft Azure. So when the project team at DB Best came to me for guidance on how to best deploy WordPress on Azure before going live, I was all in. I’d like to share my best practices and walk you […]

Dedicated development
The benefits of hiring a dedicated development team
19 Mar 2019

Building your team can be one of the most stressful elements of any business. The people you hire are the ones who you work with to design, create, and distribute your application to the world. As you begin the lengthy hiring process of developers to build or augment your app, you’re going to be struck by a lightning bolt of realization — “isn’t there a better way to do it?” Sifting through resumes, portfolios, and GitHub code is a time-consuming […]

Using Mobile Applications for Augmented Reality Art Buying
23 Aug 2017

One of our clients was looking to create a new business model of selling digital art using an augmented reality art mobile app solution. They identified that the biggest roadblock to selling digital art was that a customer often returned the art piece because it didn’t look right in their home or place of business. We developed the Art for Places and Spaces AFPAS application which allows customers to explore how a certain piece of artwork looks in the intended room […]

video streaming app
Leveraging Amazon Web Services to build a set of video streaming applications
30 Jun 2017

One of our regular customers wanted to add video streaming functions to their existing web and mobile applications. As the developers of their original applications, we proposed to re-architect the application and move it to the Amazon cloud. The customer agreed, and we delivered a cost-effective solution for in-house video streaming, based on Amazon Web Services. Watch the following video to learn more about our technical approach to the upgrade and development of this application.

DB Best Chat Application Solutions
29 Jul 2016

Mobile chat clients are undergoing a dramatic rise in importance in both our social and professional lives. The ability to communicate instantaneously is essential, and mobile devices are the only chat devices we can count on having at any given time. Having crafted many chat apps to serve a number of purposes, DB Best understands the development process and the complications that can arise when creating a mobile chat app. Today, we would like to share the architecture solutions that […]

Essential differences for health-based apps: HealthKit and Google Fit
13 Jan 2016

Are you considering having an app tracker built for fitness and health purposes in both iOS and Android? Today we will look at how these ideas can be implemented using two available frameworks. With the rise of health awareness, application developers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to satisfy the growing demand for health standards. An active role in promoting such movements is played by two giants, Apple and Google, who developed their frameworks known as HealthKit and Google […]

My first attempt on a #Tableau dashboard embedded in my blog
15 Mar 2015

Well, I’ve done a lot of visualizations with Power BI, and pretty sure a lot of people out there are using Tableau based on the very well attended Tableau event I attended about a week ago in Seattle. One of the cool features that was re-emphasized was the broad use of Tableau Public to bring rich data visualizations that can be used to display and embed interactive visualizations directly within a blog article. So it was about time that I […]

No More Forgotten Children! DB Best Helps a Great Cause
12 Dec 2014

Christmas is a time of joy, miracles and giving. Everyone, and especially kids, are looking forward to it, decorating their homes, writing letters to Santa, and secretly hoping they will get exactly what they wished for. For many kids however the Holiday season becomes the saddest time of the year as their families are going through rough times. The Forgotten Children Fund (FCF) was founded by a group of kind-hearted and dedicated people in order to fix this terrible injustice. […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Modernization of the Website
08 Aug 2014

Forget travel and scheduling complexities! Online focus groups cut out the hassle and deliver results. More companies than ever are turning to online focus groups to stay up-to-date with their customer’s mindset. ThoughtNav provides a comprehensive tool for creating and managing the entire process. DB Best expanded users features and made it easy for admins to work with the forum.