Microsoft Ignite: Data Platform and BI recap
12 May 2015

Microsoft’s first Ignite conference is a fact, and it was AWESOME! If you like this blog, follow us on twitter: @DBBest_tech to stay up to date on our latest articles. Last week I (Dandy Weyn) had the great opportunity of being at Ignite as a staffer to the Microsoft booth for both Data Platform and Business Intelligence. Our very own DB Best’s Sudhir Gajre had the opportunity of presenting on Migrating Databases to SQL Server 2014, BRK3574: Database Migrations “Done […]

Installing SQL Server Data Tools BI (and unattended install)
20 Mar 2015

About SQL Server Data Tools Have you ever tried Microsoft Business Intelligence using Analysis Services, SQL Reporting Services or even SSIS? If the answer is yes, you need to have SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence installed. Now most people would think that’s easy because you can install it as part of the SQL Server Management tools right? Unfortunately it isn’t, you’ll find it right here in the installer under: How to get SQL Server Data Tools – Business […]

My first attempt on a #Tableau dashboard embedded in my blog
15 Mar 2015

Well, I’ve done a lot of visualizations with Power BI, and pretty sure a lot of people out there are using Tableau based on the very well attended Tableau event I attended about a week ago in Seattle. One of the cool features that was re-emphasized was the broad use of Tableau Public to bring rich data visualizations that can be used to display and embed interactive visualizations directly within a blog article. So it was about time that I […]

Quickblog: Is my Excel 2013 32bit or 64-bit?
11 Mar 2015

If you get close to Power BI or having to install Power Query, you probably have asked yourself the question: “Is my Excel 2013 32bit or 64bit?” Here is a very quick way to find out: Open a blank or existing workbook in Excel Click on File | Account When the following screen displays click on About Excel And there it shows, if you have 64bit, it will show exactly where marked. Now the tricky part is, you thought Office […]

So, what’s your Data Strategy?
09 Mar 2015

Introduction Working with customers over the past many years, the question of Data Architecture and Data Strategy has come up a lot. ‘What should my data strategy be?’ or ‘How do I go around creating a Data Strategy or a Data Architecture and what are some of the critical elements of a Data Architecture?’ Let me address some of those questions and the importance of having a well-defined Data Strategy and a Data Architecture. First and foremost, why do you […]

Correlation, Causation and Big Data
02 Dec 2014

Decision making based on BI and Analytics is a well-established industry practice. There are numerous BI implementations around the world that are used on a regular basis to run operational reports, KPI based dashboards and analytics. Lot of decisions are made based on those BI systems. However, have you ever paused and wondered, if the decision is based on ‘correlation’ or ‘causation’. Let me explain. Two events could be correlated, but that does not necessarily mean causation. In other words, […]

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Technologies – Part 2
10 Jun 2013

Big Data – Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) 002 (click to download) My last blog (Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Technologies – Part 1) discussed the purpose, function, and some of the inherent benefits of ETL technologies for moving data from source applications into target reporting and analytic environments.  Hopefully from that discussion one can gain some general understanding of ETL; what it is, how it can be used, and why we would want to use it.  Now let’s dive a bit deeper and discover who […]

Extract Transform Load
Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Technologies – Part 1
31 Dec 2012

Big Data – Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) 001 (click to download) *~:~* Happy New Year *~:~* My last blog (Column Oriented Database Technologies) discussed the differences between Row and Column oriented databases and some key players in this space.  Concepts and technologies on Big Data have been discussed in previous blogs (Big Data & NoSQL Technologies & NoSQL .vs. Row .vs. Column).  From these blogs one should surmise that deciding upon the best database technology (or DBMS vendor) really depends on schema complexities, […]

the data vault
The Data Vault – What is it? – Why do we need it?
25 Jun 2012

The Data Vault – What is it? – Why do we need it? (click to download) As mentioned in my last blog (Big Data & NoSQL Technologies) understanding and using the right tools for the job is essential.  Database systems and applications are no exception. For Big Data or Small Data, knowing and using the right data modeling and methodology is also critical. Today, business uses the Internet to make money yet harvesting the data in an efficient way often develops […]

Big Data and NoSQL Technologies
15 Jun 2012

Big Data & NoSQL Technologies (click to download) As a follow-up to my last blog (NoSQL .vs. Row .vs. Column) let’s take a closer look at Big Data and the emerging ‘NoSQL’ technologies in today’s marketplace.  As a refresher, two points to reiterate first: NoSQL means ‘Not Only SQL’, as opposed to ‘Not SQL’, as many perceive There are three main variations of NoSQL out there: Key Value Document Store Column Store It is these variants that we can now examine […]