Top AWS DMS and SCT blog posts
03 Aug 2020

Last updated in August 2020 Sharing our technical experience with the readers, we’ve reached a pretty impressive audience on our blog. So, it was pretty easy to distinguish the most popular AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) Support stories. Let’s jump right in and review the most valuable and really important DB Best blog posts on AWS DMS and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT). We’ve got an impressive series of blog posts, where we talk about the features of […]

Windows IIS and SQL Server on AWS
Deploying Windows IIS and SQL Server on AWS with CloudFormation
16 Aug 2018

In order to modernize their existing applications, databases, and infrastructure, the Office of the President of the University of California (UCOP), approached DB Best with a desire to not only create their ideal database environment but to cut costs along the way. Throughout our intensive discovery stage, we determined that we could help our client cut costs by migrating their Windows Internet Information Services (IIS)  and SQL Server to the Amazon Cloud (AWS). Over the course of our partnership, DB […]

migrating PostgreSQL to Amazon RDS Aurora
Improve PostgreSQL Performance 12X by Migrating to Amazon Aurora with Minimal Downtime
17 May 2018

An online marketplace company managed a 6-terabyte database using an old version of Amazon RDS PostgreSQL version 9.3. With their platform gaining popularity day over day, they needed a way to scale the performance and size of their database near term to 15-terabytes. They also had several performance issues, including a daily batch script that was taking almost 2 hours to complete that was exceeding the maintenance window. Because of this, simple tasks like adding a new column to their […]

Oracle to PostgreSQL database migration and unification project
Using PostgreSQL in cloud alongside with Oracle to enhance the database system performance
15 Jun 2017

One of the leading independent software vendors in educational domain needed to expand their original Oracle database system. They wanted to add a new PostgreSQL database running on AWS RDS to their original system and upgrade the connected Java application to support both database platforms. We came up with a proof of concept and converted one of the largest customer’s database schemas to PostgreSQL, demonstrating how the upgraded system might work. To do so, we updated the application by adding […]

Using AWS Schema Conversion Tool Extension Pack for OLTP databases
23 Mar 2017

Running your database migration projects, you may have already noticed that AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) automatically generates an additional schema called extension pack. This schema emulates the system functions and specific features of the source database in your target DB instance. In the following video, we demonstrate how to apply this extension pack to the OLTP database. And in our future blog posts we will talk about working with extension pack for data warehouses. Make sure to check out our […]

Database migration with AWS SCT: How to handle typical conversion issues series
02 Mar 2017

Welcome to our blog post series covering the typical conversion issues of AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). DBBest team has a vast experience in database migration area. So, we decided to start the blog post series covering the most common conversion issues of AWS SCT. Each blog post will be devoted to a certain action item and will provide specific solution or a workaround for a problem. Below you can find the table of contents for blog posts, related to the […]

Migrating an Oracle to MySQL Database using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool
23 Aug 2016

Welcome to the very first blog post on getting started with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). This is the first video in a series of many where we’ll help familiarize our readers with the tool and see how it can be applied to real migration projects. In this video, we will demonstrate how to analyze an Oracle database’s readiness for migrating to an AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) MySQL database using an online project. The video walks through the […]