Oracle to MySQL migration with AWS SCT: How to convert variables of SYS_REFCURSOR datatype
02 Mar 2017

Oracle 9i introduced the predefined SYS_REFCURSOR type meaning we no longer have to define our own REF CURSOR types. We normally use Oracle’s SYS_REFCURSOR datatype to declare the CURSOR variable of a weak type, which means that we don’t know exactly the number of columns and their type. Then this SYS_REFCURSOR variable has to be used together with a dynamic SQL code to open the cursor variable. MySQL does not support cursors of a weak type. So, when you try to […]

Reduce the cost of an Oracle database migration project by using SQL Server Linked Servers
21 Dec 2016

When talking about migration from Oracle to SQL Server, we always look for ways to work with our customers to keep costs under control. We recently completed an Oracle to SQL Server migration proof of concept project for a government organization in South America. What made this project unique was the way we used SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to convert one of eleven Oracle database schemas that were running on a 12-node Oracle RAC cluster to SQL Server. The […]

SSMA for Oracle 7.0 — Overview of Data Migration Features
05 Dec 2016

DB Best uses a 12-step migration process to make sure all bases are covered as part of a typical migration project. Data migration is a critical part of a database migration projects and tools like SSMA can help in the process. In the following video, we will show you how to migrate data from Oracle to SQL Server using the SSMA tool, as well as highlight errors that may occur during database migration.   Need help getting started? Check out […]

SSMA for Oracle 7.0 — What’s New — Using In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016
14 Oct 2016

This continues our video blog series about new features on the new capabilities of SQL Server Migration Assistant 7.0. SQL Server 2016 In-Memory OLTP significantly improves OLTP database application performance and allows running large queries against the same tables using clustered and non-clustered columnstore indexes. This technology was introduced in SQL Server 2014 and now SSMA 7.0 supports migrating Oracle Database In-Memory tables to In-Memory OLTP with SQL Server 2016. Background on SQL Server In-Memory OLTP and Oracle Database In-Memory […]

SSMA for Oracle 7.0 — What’s New — Using Row-Level Security in SQL Server 2016
15 Sep 2016

This continues our video blog series about new features, that are implemented in the new version of SQL Server Migration Assistant 7.0. And now we will talk about some important security issues. Row-Level Security (RLS) enables customers to control access to rows in a database table based on the characteristics of the user executing a query. The feature was introduced in SQL Server 2016. Starting from the 7.0 version the SSMA tool can handle Oracle VPD Policy and DB2 access controls, […]

AWS Schema Conversion Tool: Connecting to Oracle Source Database
13 Sep 2016

In this video blog post, we will walk through the various Oracle database connection options using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool as the source database. The AWS Schema Conversion Tool only allows the use of an Oracle database as a source. In addition, you will need a user account that has sufficient access rights to read the metadata for objects in the database. Specifically, the user needs the following system privileges: connecting to the database using the CONNECT role and […]

SSMA for Oracle 7.0 — What’s New — Migrating to SQL Server 2016 Temporal Tables
02 Sep 2016

The new version of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 7.0 now supports direct migration to several new features introduced in SQL Server 2016. One of these new features is the direct support for migrating Oracle Flashback Archive tables to Temporal Tables. This is very important because earlier versions of SSMA attempted to partially migrate Flashback Archive tables to normal tables in SQL Server and left it up to the user to manually implement the behavior with a relatively high cost. […]

Tracking down discontinued SQL syntax with SQL Sniffer and Replayer
24 Aug 2016

Do you still have SQL Server 2000 database servers running in your organization? Do you have SQL Server 2008 R2 or older database servers running with databases using compatibility level of 80 for SQL Server 2000 compatibility? Running the SQL Server profiler over an extended period of time looking for deprecated and discontinued syntax may not be an option either. At DB Best, we have developed a solution called SQL Sniffer that works at the network switch level to solve […]

Migrating an Oracle to MySQL Database using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool
23 Aug 2016

Welcome to the very first blog post on getting started with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). This is the first video in a series of many where we’ll help familiarize our readers with the tool and see how it can be applied to real migration projects. In this video, we will demonstrate how to analyze an Oracle database’s readiness for migrating to an AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) MySQL database using an online project. The video walks through the […]

Siemens Teamcenter Oracle to SQL Server Migration Case Study
Siemens Teamcenter Oracle to SQL Server Migration Case Study
18 Jan 2013

One of our core value propositions at DB Best is to help our clients lower the costs of running their enterprise level applications and be more productive. After 10 years in the database migration business, we now have top experts, smart tools and established methodology which allow us to seamlessly switch apps over to Microsoft products. Let us give you an example of a very successful 3-week Siemens Teamcenter Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server migration project. In this video, our […]