Blog: Database Compare Suite update 4.8 brings Netezza support

We’re excited to bring you the latest release of Database Compare Suite. The new version 4.8 brings support for IBM Netezza versions 7.2.1 and higher along with some other improvements.

DBCS 4.8

Covering All Major Database Platforms

With the support of IBM Netezza, the total count of available database platforms in the Database Compare Suite reached the amazing total of 11. You can see the full list of supported database dialects on the image below. They include Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Greenplum, IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE and Teradata.

DBCS 4.8 connection

This means that you can use 55 heterogeneous and 11 homogeneous database pairs. That totals to an impressive number of 66 database pairs. For all of them you can perform for data and schema operations such as migration, synchronization, and comparison.

After establishing the connection to the Netezza database instance, you should notice the bright new set of icons that we’ve used for this platform. Check the left side of the following image.

DBCS 4.8 netezza

New Features

We updated the list of column types that you cannot use as a part of the sorting key.

For schema comparison and synchronization operations, we added ‘Shared libraries’ to the list of object types that you can either include or exclude from the operation. Check the image below to see where you can find this option.

DBCS 4.8 settings 2

Also, we improved the support of real numbers and large integers in the Fast Data Comparison operation. In addition, we implemented the full-fledged support of the negative intervals.

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