CI/CD solution by DB Best
Creating CI/CD solution for the database unification project
November 28, 2019

Being an independent software vendor with a pile of applications written decades ago and a huge database in Oracle, our customer wanted to upgrade their software and make it more accessible for clients money-wise. They have built and sold applications for Oracle Database exclusively for 35 years. By now these solutions had become not only harder to sell due to competitiveness but difficult to support and change. Our client required applications’ upgrades, alternative cheaper hosting for users, and the maximum […]

Oracle Forms modernization assessment
Using the Assessment Tool to estimate your Oracle Forms modernization project
November 21, 2019

Our free Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool performs a thorough analysis of the code of your Oracle Forms and provides you with a detailed assessment report. This report includes a ballpark estimate of the total amount of hours required to complete the modernization project. Read the blog post to see how you can use this product.

Data Store
Creating and managing database snapshots using the DB Best Migration Platform
November 08, 2019

The Data Store module of the DB Best Migration Platform allows for creating and managing the golden copy of your source data. You can add all your tables into the dataset or select only the specific tables. Read the blog post to learn more about the features of the Data Store module.

testing code changes
How to test breaking changes and new features during the SQL Server upgrade
November 07, 2019

Our fully automated Migration Platform confidently guides you through an upgrade Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and PostgreSQL database platforms. Read the blog post and watch the related video to discover the seamless database upgrade powered by DB Best Migration Platform.

automating database migration
Automating database migration projects with DB Best Migration Platform
November 06, 2019

DB Best released a multi-purpose Migration Platform, introducing full automation for all steps of a database upgrade or migration project. Read our blog post and watch the related video to discover how DB Best Migration Platform can automate your database migration and upgrade initiatives.

Automated Oracle Forms Converter
Modernizing your outdated Oracle Forms using an automated Oracle Forms Converter
November 06, 2019

DB Best introduces a brand new automated Oracle Forms Converter that helps automatically convert outdated Oracle Forms code to modern web-based solutions. Read our blog and watch the relevant video to discover how you can run your modernized forms in any web browser!

SQL Server 2017 AWS EC2
Are you getting the best value out of AWS EC2 running with SQL Server 2017?
October 25, 2019

Last year, we published the blog post on Validating AWS EC2 SQL Server Deployments Using Benchmark Tools. Since then, AWS released enhancements like Optimizing CPU Option that allow you to choose a larger EC2 instance for your SQL Server 2017 instances for greater Memory and IOPS / vCPU to keep your licensed vCPU count down.
Read this bog post to discover how benchmarking your SQL Server workloads on AWS in a pre-production environment can help you pick the best candidate EC2 instance with an optimized storage configuration based on real data.

migration from SAS to Hadoop
Migrating an On-Premises SAS System to Microsoft Azure HDInsight
October 22, 2019

A global retailer in the beauty industry contacted DB Best looking for the right modernization path for their SAS based BI solution. They were hitting the boundaries of SAS with their large data sets and wanted to look at alternative solutions using big data technologies like Apache Hadoop with Azure HDInsight to modernize the way they process their data. In addition, the wanted to control their SAS license costs. In this blog post, we’ll walk through how we helped our […]

Database Compare Suite 5.0 update brings a new user interface
October 14, 2019

The latest Database Compare Suite release significantly updates the design of our product. In Database Compare Suite 5.0, we updated the user experience and simplified the user interface. The list of other updates includes: New matching rules Updated application settings License term changes In addition to that, we updated the command-line interface of Database Compare Suite to simplify DevOps operations. Consider using Database Compare Suite in the CLI mode to automate your routine DevOps tasks related to application migration between […]