Blog: Social networking application with custom machine and search algorithm

Everybody knows about social networks. Seriously, mobile devices have reached every corner of our planet and enabled people to chat with each other. But what’s the point of making another app if there’s Facebook, right?

Actually, it makes sense if you look at the stats — the main social network is on the decline, meanwhile, more niche solutions feel the rise.

Neat features is what makes small apps viable and we have the prowess to implement them. Among things like chat, reactions, updates, and video-messages, DB Best provides custom machine and search algorithms for the apps to craft a tailor-made solution for your needs. 

Technical features

Building apps from scratch isn’t easy. But DB Best has already accumulated fine-tuned practices when it comes to making a complex product with unique features.

How we do it

The first thing to come in mind is connecting people. So how do we do that? The search button is the way to go — it will display results and define how people connect.

If we talk about Facebook or Instagram, the search result will show people, posts, photos, videos. The search engine uses special parameters that were set up on a core level that is relevant and what’s not.

But what if the app isn’t meant to be the next mogul? If it targets people from certain communities, there should be specific searching parameters. In this case, Tinder-like matching is the proper choice that actively promotes people’s communication and ties them based on interests and location.


First, map integration should be added. By using Google Maps, developers can tune the search outline and specify certain areas for the search. For instance, If it’s a baseball community, it would make sense restricting the search range by a single city.

If people are interested in other bats – let’s say, those who make flapjacks – it’s better to limit the area by several neighborhoods.


With the amount of data flow inside the app, storage becomes an important topic for products’ stability. The text chat is easy to handle, but media files can pile up and weigh a ton. That’s why data questions should also be considered among others.

Being the cornerstone of DB Best expertise, our apps’ data management is approached firmly. We prefer using MS SQL Server (and <insert tech info here) to store information and make it secure, scalable, and highly available regardless of the traffic amount.

Meeting calendar

As we speak about something local, there’s a high chance people will want to meet each other. It makes perfect sense to promote users’ hangouts — these peoples’ activity is unparalleled.

For their convenience, there can be a MeetUp calendar to create meetings, add/tag participants, choose a place on a map, add a description, etc. 

Matching algorithm

To enable high user activity, you can make a users’ rating reset once they upload a new profile pic or a video. Even after putting a negative mark, there will be a chance for people to match again and start chatting. 

Apart from filters, both search and matching are based on tags. Whether it’s certain activities or a favorite team’s name, it will be considered when selecting people to hook up.

Technology-wise, REST API is the common solution for chat interaction, user authentication, and searching. At the same time, Websocket plays its role in chat activities and notifications (via APNS).


You don’t have to be Nokia to connect people —  a small yet scalable app can be a sleek solution for that measure. Unlike large social networks, your app will promote matching based on parameters that you choose to ensure high engagement levels.

Call to action

Unveil the benefits of custom app development for your needs. Your solution will incorporate all the necessary functionality for a successful social network. To ensure the app is under your robust management, it will contain extra features and tools to tune its core logic and activity patterns.

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