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Developing cross-platform applications requires significant skills and experience. Discover how DB Best approaches this kind of projects and learn more about the tools we use for these projects on our blog.

Cross-platform video streaming using RTSP
27 Jan 2017

Remote cameras can be used in various application solutions. Usually, this technology helps with building a local monitoring system for home or office (for example, a baby monitoring system). Besides that, remote cameras can come in handy for the fun and games industry: you can attach the compatible device to drones or other radio controlled toys and control them using a live view from the remote camera. The live video broadcast from one mobile device to another can be carried […]

Mobile Game Development with Unity
15 Jan 2016

Native game engines vs. cross-platforms Game development evolves each year by giant leaps, and as time goes by, the decision of which technology to use becomes increasingly difficult because of the growing number of different frameworks and engines available. Finding the right game engine can be the key to successfully building, deploying, and providing further support to a game that becomes both popular and lucrative. Assuming the developer has already decided not to develop their own in-house engine, they first […]

WebRTC Mobile
13 Jan 2016

WebRTC is an open-source project that enables plugin-free communication between devices. Much of excitement for WebRTC comes from it making direct communication between browsers a reality. However, there’s more to it than just convenient browser conversation. Today, we will delve into the mobile side of WebRTC. Contrary to popular belief, WebRTC is a peer-to-peer, not browser-to-browser, technology: the browser realm is not the only thing is could be great at. Thanks to its portability and compatibility, it could be embedded […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Epic Ball Wars. Try to defeat the enemy!
27 Jan 2015

DB Best is happy to share some awesome news for all mobile gamers and those who would like to bring some fun and excitement to their lives! Get ready to aim and fire as our Custom Dev Team has recently created the Epic Ball Wars – a super captivating and challenging cross-platform shooter-game!

TOP-5 Mobile Development Articles
17 Mar 2014

Every day we are working hard on developing new features, assembling dozens of builds, running hundreds of tests on our projects. Of course it’s important for us to share our success stories with our DB Best blog readers. Here we would like to present you a selection of the most popular posts we’ve published on mobile development.   Here are our 5 successful articles and blog posts:

Pros and Cons of Developing Native vs. Cross-Platform Web-Based Mobile Application
30 Jul 2013

1. Searching for an optimal solution During the last several years the evolution of the mobile market has led both the mobile developers and the clients to face the two core questions: Should we build a native app for each popular platform (iOS, Android, Win8, Blackberry etc.)   or  should we look for a cross-platform solution?   And if we decide to go with a cross-platform development to lower costs/efforts, should we build it as a native app (using 3d party cross-platform […]

Portfolio Spotlight: A Cross-Platform Video Chat Solution
13 Mar 2013

If you want to launch the next Skype, an alternative to Facebook Video Chat, or web conferencing software – we now have a solution! Our proprietary video chat system can be easily integrated with your existing apps and all you need to do is start a project with us. Building live video experiences with lifelike face-to-face emotion is easy with OpenTok Our team of mobile experts used OpenTok – a technology that makes it extremely easy to weave live, group […]

Case Study: We Can Build Games with Unity 3D Engine
12 Sep 2012

Are you a King’s Bounty fan who follows King Maximus since 1991 (yeah, times flies)? Then we have some good news for you. Our mobile development team started experimenting with Unity 3D – a neat tool for video game development, architectural visualizations, and interactive media installations. As you guessed, the platform was used for creating King’s Bounty. King’s Bounty: Legions is the world’s first 3D social strategy game. Unity’s development environment runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and the […]