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Adding a test automation framework into a database migration CI/CD pipeline

As your solution grows together with the number of users, it becomes more challenging to launch updates timely. A manual tests-driven QA process drags down new deliverables. Now it takes your team days to cope with batch-job testing and weeks for an overall regression cycle. You have to pay more for the QA and hope for your users to be patient while waiting for fixes and updates. Oops, that’s a slippery slope!

In this blog post, we’ll tell how we built a solid test automation sequence running on AWS. This allowed our client for regular deliverables and shortened spending for testing. At the final, the DB Best covered 70% of apps with automated tests and reduced regression time from 5 days to 5 hours.

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Integrating TestNG and Appium for mobile app test automation
28 Jan 2020

Today we start a blog post series showing how to incorporate automation testing for different industries. This includes mobile healthcare applications with a lot of connected devices, complex database migration projects, and huge enterprise-level desktop multiplatform products. This blog shows how we used the TestNG and Appium frameworks for mobile app test automation using a CI/CD pipeline. The result was a 3.6 times reduction in testing person-hours and a reduction of the full-regression test cycle time by 25%.