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Remember the day Apple Watch was released and how it stormed through the market in April 2015? Now, wearables have become a significant part of our lives —  and if a phone manufacturer wants to be competitive, there should be fitting smartwatches to back its claims. The importance of Apple Watch reflects a general trend, as the Apple ecosystem is among the main reasons for iPhone’s popularity.

Creating a wellness app makes perfect sense. Smartwatches are on the forefront of popularity — the number of users more than doubled in a 3-year span, and is projected to rock. The growing volume of sensors also impacts the way smartwatches influence our lives who are now more than just another place for notifications.

Being keen on data magic, we pack our apps into a neat interface and deliver to the platform you need. Whether it’s a standalone app or a phone-connected duo, DB Best ensures it supports all device’s sensors and works fast.


How we create value

To implement your bright ideas, the DB Best app development team has experience in crafting the following features: sleep and stress tracking, heart rate, pulse, steps, or bike cadence. Those are now the must-have items for a solid wellness product. Platform-wise, we can create apps for Apple watchOS, WearOS, TizenOS, GarminOS, and FitbitOS.

As mentioned, connectivity between phones and smartwatches is crucial. We have expertise in making secondary apps to support seamless interaction between a phone and a smartwatch. It can be a new app for smartwatches or a ported version from a mobile platform — we can implement both options and establish a safe and secure connection between them.

To enable pairing, Bluetooth is the main tool for devices’ interaction. DB Best has delivered numerous projects involving wireless technologies to process payments, collect data from medical devices, NFC codes, beacon tagging, etc. While securing the best app performance, we also pay attention to crafting convenient notification systems.

Validic API

For DB Best, Validic API is the cornerstone of data flow. We use it as a prime tool for aggregating large data volumes from collectors and transferring it to wellness apps.

It collects movement activities and health metrics over time — every chunk of transferred data has a timestamp and a special note with info and about integrations that use the recorded activities. Once we refine this data using API, it turns into cohesive graphs and structured info for the app users.

Also, thanks to the Safe-Harbor standard, Validic grants full compliance when transferring Protected Health Information (PHI). It provides de-identification measures and fulfills the PHI requirements on all stages of data usage. What’s more, our development team sticks to HIPAA and GDPR provisions when managing user data and ensure certification on app markets.


Supported platforms

As mentioned, we utilize all the major APIs to enable data processing for wellness apps. Our developers make HealthKit API for Apple, Garmin Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit work seamlessly within each OS.

With certain models lacking cellular features, we understand the importance of GPS connectivity. DB Best is keen on supporting this feature and it’s the hallmark that we enable across mobile platforms. As people often use wellness apps for running, they might be away from home with no phone. That’s why we add GPS-tracking as a vital feature for users’ convenience.


Obvious benefits


 TODO-This paragraph is hard to read. The market is relatively untapped and is open for newer products, especially if they require a compatible device. On Apple Watch, most of the popular apps are paid and the demand is ever-growing. Backed by constant development from Apple and other vendors, smartwatches is a safe bet for novelties — blood oxygen, sleeping, and ECG tracking are about to come to plain the field for all manufacturers.

See what we offer

Contact us and create a stellar app with seasoned DB Best developers in the arsenal. Your users will appreciate all sorts of wellness features, GPS tracking, and compatibility with all major OS and devices.  Take advantage of secure apps that will help you serve the customers and process health information within seconds.

Facts and figures

According to Statista, the number of smartwatch users will surpass the 200mil number. Be among those who grasp the opportunity and seize this market potential.

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