Our company emerged from the world of data which is why we view all aspects of the IT industry through the prism of data.

For over 18 years, DB Best helps customers manage data and applications no matter where the data lives. You can trust us to deliver when it comes down to using any of the cloud services, developing applications, modernizing data environment, creating bright data visualizations, and many other services.

Nowadays, DB Best has:

  • 8 offices worldwide
  • 450+ talented professionals
  • 1250+ successful projects

DB Best delivers delightful results to hundreds of customers from all over the world. Watch the following video to learn more about DB Best’s unique blend of certified professionals, automation products, established practices, and smooth processes.

How we approach our work

Our world of data and applications is broken into the 3 following brackets: modernization of existing applications, development of new solutions, and maintenance after going live. Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies, we deliver comprehensive data-management services, accomplish database migrations, and develop applications for various platforms.

Discover the tools, services, and products that we use to satisfy hundreds of customers all over the world.

Our Office

DB Best Technologies, LLC

2615 151st PL NE

Redmond, WA 98052


Tel: +1 855 855 3600

E-mail: [email protected]


For us, it’s not just about meeting and exceeding the requirements of the project – it’s about delighting our customers with concrete results. Each project we undertake is unique and requires a distinctive set of resources and deliverables; however, the common thread among all of our projects is our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

We constantly strive to improve the level of services we provide, and we measure our success by the volume of repeat business from our ever-growing customer base. Let us show you why more companies choose DB Best to handle the data migration and application modernization efforts.

Here are some of the customers we have recently worked with in helping them plan and modernize their database and application environments.

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    The DB Best Migration Platform is available for download

    At the PASS Summit 2019, DB Best announced a multi-purpose Migration Platform. This product provides users with full assistance through the whole cycle of database migration. Now you can download a free trial version of our unique product. The DB Best Migration Platform can help you with the following database migration project...

    DB Best releases Database Compare Suite 5.1 with Microsoft Access support

    DB Best announces a release of the new version of Database Compare Suite 5.1. This release brings the support of Microsoft Access, as well as the ability to use SSL to connect to PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. What’s new in Database Compare Suite 5.1? Over time, many organizations decide to modernize their aging Microsoft Ac...

  • 18
    Comparing Ora2Pg with АWS SCT for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration

    Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations are getting more traction. We see more customers considering or going through migration of their applications. As a company recognized for our database migration competence, we are often asked by the customers for recommendations on best products to use. We monitor new products on the market, and...

    Application modernization best practices

    Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said, "Change is the only constant in life." The willingness to change our life for the better has been around for the time being. Going all the way from inventing the wheel to mastering cloud-based services, modernization always remains the synonym of business growth. Whether we're talking abo...


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