News: DB Best selected as an AWS Database Ready Enablement Partner

12 Sep 2018
AWS Database Ready Program

We are proud to announce that Amazon has selected DB Best as an AWS Database Ready Enablement Partner. DB Best was specifically selected to help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) running solutions on SQL Server to move their solutions to Amazon Aurora.

The AWS Database Ready program enables software vendors to modernize their software to support Amazon Aurora and RDS database engines.

What is AWS Database Ready Program?

Under this program, Amazon Consulting Partners will help independent software vendors (ISVs) modernize their products to run natively on Aurora and/or RDS.

AWS recognized DB Best as an AWS Standard Partner on July 29, 2016, after working together on many diverse projects. On December 21, 2017, DB Best became the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner (be sure to check the DB Best profile on the AWS Partner Network website). This gave us unequaled opportunities to work with the AWS team and access to some of the most exciting projects on the AWS platform. Now, DB Best has become one of the few companies that AWS trusts as experts in data modernization. Thanks to our experience, innovative thinking, and unmatched quality of our developers and engineers, DB Best is a leading provider of AWS services. Our new status gives us direct access to the AWS Database Solution Architects and Product Managers to help our customers run their software natively on AWS.

Our proven track record on AWS

The DB Best team completed a number of amazing projects to move customer’s workloads to the Amazon cloud. Take a look at how we migrated databases and applications out of customer’s data center to Amazon Web Services through a lift-and-shift process. Discover the fast and error-free migration path to the AWS cloud, and learn more about using AWS Glue for ETL processes.

Also, the DB Best team had hands-on experience with Amazon’s Snowball Edge, which allows for transferring multiple terabytes of data into the Amazon cloud. And when it comes to managing customer’s data in the Amazon cloud, we proved our fantastic database optimization experience, managing to reduce the query execution times by 800%! Discover how the DB Best operational data management service helped a major multimedia content provider build a new database system on AWS.

In addition to that, we’ve got a series of blog posts covering our immersive experience with AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). To demonstrate our uncompromising experience with Amazon’s migration automation tools, we talk about handling typical conversion issues with AWS SCT.

What does this mean for ISVs?

The recognition of DB Best as an esteemed partner of AWS is going to give ISVs like you, the technical insight and delivery processes to future-proof your applications for a Software-as-a-Service world. Be sure to check out these other resources to help in your journey to AWS.

To get started, please contact us today.

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