datasheet: Migration Platform Datasheet

Are you developing migrating or testing your data-driven applications? Then you may need a comprehensive multi-purpose tool for all related operations. Read our Migration Platform datasheet to learn how to move with confidence the most complex or outdated apps into new data platforms on-premises or in the cloud.

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Migration Platform automates almost everything you need to do in a database migration and application upgrade projects. Also, Migration Platform ensures that you stay on the right project path and follow best practices. Its unique Test Organizer feature allows for creating and running test scenarios directly in the Migration Platform. In addition, the core features of Migration Platform include but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of your entire migration project
  • Database schema conversion and comparison
  • Data migration, comparison, and validation
  • Automation of DevOps scenarios with the command-line interface
  • Storing the golden copy of the source data and restoring it when needed

Discover how this irreplacable tool can simplify your data management and application development operations. Download the Migration Platform datasheet or request a product demo to discover the unprecedented power of this DB Best product.

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