datasheet: SQL Server Database Upgrade Datasheet

Are you running your SQL Server 2008/R2 for ten years now? Even if you are still happy with its performance, there are some important things for you to consider. SQL Server 2008 has been as steady as a rock for over a decade. It helped guide your business to success while keeping your data safe. So, you feel like you really can’t ask for a better show from your database software.

Unfortunately, it’s now reached the end of its support life, and that means you’re about to have a whole new range of problems and issues. Read this blog post to learn about potential future vulnerabilities, risks, and other business-centric reasons to upgrade SQL Server 2008/R2.

Check out our SQL Server upgrade datasheet to learn how DB Best can help optimize your database upgrade project. And be sure to take advantage of the latest version of SQL Server.

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