Working with multiple customers on the Oracle Forms modernization projects, the DB Best team developed a simple application that allows for easily assessing customer’s Oracle Forms.

The Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool connects to customer’s Oracle Forms and the Oracle Database to analyze the complexity of the source code of the forms Oracle Forms. Connecting to the Oracle Database allows for a deep dive into the source code and database objects. Therefore, you get a detailed assessment report, which helps understand the complexity of your source environment and get ballpark estimates of the whole Oracle Forms modernization project.

The net result of the Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool’s work is the assessment report. You can use this document to discuss the project details with your DB Best manager.

Assessment Tool overview

This Assessment Tool is a part of our major product — Oracle Forms Converter. Using this product, we can help automate the conversion of up to 100% of your Oracle Forms code. You can request a product demo to see this product in action.

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How the Assessment Tool works

Before using the Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool, you need to convert our FMB forms to XML files and PLD libraries. We recommend using the built-in conversion option into Oracle Forms Builder.

Then you need to download the Assessment Tool and run the AssessmentTool.msi file. Follow the installation wizard to read and accept the terms of the License Agreement and specify the destination folder for the product.

Installing Oracle Forms Converter Assessment Tool

Make sure that you installed all the required drivers. Then run the Assessment Tool and create a new project. Specify the path to the folders with the source files of your Oracle Forms and related libraries.

DB Best Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool New project - XML files

Specify the Oracle Database connection credentials to obtain a thorough report. In this case, the Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool will generate a detailed assessment report. This type of report describes the complexity of your environment and estimates the effort required to complete the Oracle Forms modernization project.

Oracle Database connection credentials

Then use the Run Assessment Report option in the application menu to generate a detailed assessment report.

DB Best Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool New project - Run assessment report button

The Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool saves the assessment report into PDF and CSV files. After the application creates an assessment report, it opens the folder with the related PDF and CSV files. Please share these files with your DB Best Account Manager or email it to [email protected].

Learn more about the structure of the Assessment Report from our blog post.

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System requirements

The following list describes the recommended system and hardware requirements for running the Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool:

Operating system

  • Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2012; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or higher

Additional software

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
  • ODT with ODAC(Oracle Data Access Components)

Supported Oracle Forms versions

  • Forms and libraries binaries conversion to XML/PLD: Oracle Forms and Reports 10g or higher
  • If you provide the tool with forms and libraries in XML/PLD format: any version of Oracle Forms

Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool user manual

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