Why migrate your Oracle Forms solutions?

Organizations using older versions of Oracle Forms are often overwhelmed by increasing efforts to keep applications on older hardware and software platforms. Besides, older client-server architectures used by Oracle Forms are not suitable for moving applications to a web-based architecture. This happens due to the high frequency of internal database calls that Oracle Forms makes to the Oracle Database engine.

Many of our customers want to get rid of Oracle Forms because the solution fails to meet the usability, scalability, and performance expectations of today’s users. But as time goes by, differences between modern web technologies and the slow-moving Oracle Forms constantly increase. While the development gap is widening, it is becoming more difficult to hire qualified developers to support your Oracle Forms as few want to work with this legacy technology.

Now is the time to take action to stay abreast of the competition. So, you need to make an informed decision on the future of your Oracle Forms. DB Best has developed a platform to help organizations migrate Oracle Forms to modern web-based architecture. And you can get a free estimate of your Oracle Forms modernization project using our Assessment Tool.

Oracle Forms Migration with DB Best

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DB Best can modernize your Oracle Forms to JavaScript with the ReactJS library to create new web-based forms. In this case, the user experience with Oracle Forms is identical to the desktop-based Oracle Forms experience.

We created the specialized Web API that optimizes communication between web pages and database servers. This results in high-performance applications which scale with your needs.

Additionally, we changed the architecture of the newly created solution. We now extract the SQL code from Oracle Forms and add it to the database in the form of the stored procedures. Now, you can call these procedures from any application.

Experience the benefits

DB Best’s unique Oracle Forms migration platform now automates up to 100% of Oracle Forms code to provide:

  • Shorter conversion times
  • An advanced Oracle Forms modernization algorithm
  • Resulting code that looks similar to the source code
  • A full test automation framework
  • Completely open code
  • Flexible three-tier architecture

Typical challenges we see with Oracle Forms

Option Challenge Benefit
Outdated technologies and environment How can I avoid running Oracle Forms on old PCs and legacy software?

The first obstacle you encounter is that your forms can run only on outdated versions of software, e.g. Java. Also, these legacy versions of the software are not secure. They require a complex environment for proper performance and qualified developers for maintenance.

We offer you a solution for allowing your system to operate on the web. We will modernize and optimize your outdated environment and convert your forms to a Single Page Application (SPA) architecture using ReactJS.

Scalability How can I grow my Oracle Forms data storage?

With all the limitations from a desktop-running Oracle Forms solution, you can only opt for horizontal scaling. This means buying new servers to support the growth of your data, which is an outdated and expensive approach.

To take advantage of the vertical scaling approach that proves to be less expensive yet more efficient, you need to upgrade your system to a modern environment. What we offer is to modernize your solution and scale it most smartly and cost-effectively.

Accessibility How can I access my forms from all over the world?

Oracle Form utilizes Java Applets. This technology is far outdated, and modern browsers don’t support it. To keep up with the times, and with clients’ expectations, you need an up-to-date solution running on modern rails.

DB Best can help you reimagine the architecture of your current system. We will rebuild your Oracle Forms leveraging modern technologies and optimize your workloads. Even more, you will have a chance to create new forms inside the new solution and not be dependent on the Oracle Forms technology.

Timing How can I save time for my Oracle Forms solution upgrade?

Oracle Forms solutions are difficult to deploy, run, and maintain. Also, the support of your outdated system takes time and extra effort of your development team. And you still might hesitate on whether to migrate and modernize your system due to timing reasons.

With our exclusive Oracle Forms Converter, you can jump-start your legacy Oracle Forms within a short period. The DB Best Oracle Forms migration platform now reaches near 100% accuracy in automation conversion, allowing for a quick and smart solution upgrade.

Costs How can I keep control over my budget?

Oracle Forms solutions are expensive to support, maintain, and scale.

With the Oracle Forms migration platform from DB Best, you can upgrade your legacy Oracle Forms solution to meet your budget. Within the Oracle Forms upgrade process, we have developed an ROI model to justify the migration. This way, you get the evaluation of the migration efficiency and the savings it brings.

Using our Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool, you can analyze the complexity of the source code of your Oracle Forms. You can use this tool to get an estimate of the manual effort required to complete the migration project. It also provides you with an estimate of the overall cost of the project so that you can easily build a ROI model.

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Getting started

The fastest way to estimate the complexity of your Oracle Forms migration is to use our free Assessment Tool. Read the related blog post and watch the video to see how simple and intuitive is this product.

Then you might want to consider migrating from Oracle Reports to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). DB Best has a proven automated technology to convert Oracle Reports too.

However, the best way to get started with your Oracle Forms migration project is to explore our future-state architectural design.

This is typically a 5 to 10 business day engagement where we:

  • Evaluate your existing solution — We make precise checks of your Oracle Forms solution and find the most beneficial path for migration, depending on the operating environment of your system. We determine the optimal data storage option, evaluating the existing database.
  • Understand your specific challenges — When the current system diagnosed, we determine the most critical migration points that may require additional time and effort. For example, your existing Oracle Forms-based solution may refer to files stored on the desktop, and we will migrate them to another storage accordingly.
  • Develop an ROI model to justify the migration — You will get an evaluation of the migration efficiency. This means you will know exactly what the investment is for the switch and the benefit from it in perspective.
  • Create a project plan to future-proof your Oracle Forms applications — We will work with your team to determine the migration steps and establish a future-state architecture for your solution to operate in a new environment with greater scalability at a lower cost.
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How does the Oracle Forms migration platform work?

Recently, we released the latest version of our Oracle Forms Converter tool that allows for faster and more accurate automatic migration. This solution converts up to 100% of Oracle Forms code automatically, which minimizes migration duration for our clients. What is more, we came up with an advanced technology algorithm capable of faultless database schemas recognition and data type conversion.

These improvements make it easier to run unit tests to get the most precise results possible. Also, we developed the GUI to make the migration more convenient and obvious for the whole team.

Finally, within your Oracle Forms migration project, you will appreciate the high level of code transparency reached by the system refactoring. Now, the converted code looks quite similar to the source code in Oracle Forms which allows you for managing the code snippets easily.

Read the related blog post to discover an unprecedented conversion power of our automated product for Oracle Forms conversion. And the following diagram demonstrates the flow of the Oracle Forms conversion:

Oracle Forms Migration flow by DB Best

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