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DB Best acquired unique experience and expertise across a diverse technology stack through 15 years of application development. By covering all stages of the development process, we know how to take advantage of the latest features with prompt application upgrades, adding analytics capabilities to track your business or e-commerce solutions, as well as monetization strategies.

Our team has extensive experience building new solutions from scratch, as well as migrating from outdated technologies to modern platforms and patterns (e.g. monolithic client/server applications to microservices). We are fluent in both modern and conventional technologies, delivering guaranteed results for any project that you can dream of.

With regards to mobile technologies, we have expertise in:

  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Bluetooth Low Energy devices
  • Audio & Video processing and streaming
  • Developing social networking
  • Uber-like matching applications
  • Custom Healthcare apps
  • Internet of Things applications
  • Wearable devices integration
  • Applications for Smart TVs
  • Google Maps & other location services
  • Game creation

We provide application development services on a turnkey basis and cover all related stages, transforming your idea into an awesome application on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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Featured technologies

The following technologies, frameworks, and methodologies are the tools we use to carefully craft our apps:

  • iOS: Objective-C, Swift, iOS SDK
  • Android: Java for Android, Android SDK, Kotlin
  • Back-end and Web: C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, AngularJS, Node.JS, etc.
  • Database solutions: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB

In addition, we’ve got hands-on experience integrating various payment solutions into mobile applications. Starting from basics like Apple Pay or PayPal, we’ve worked with various technologies like Stripe and even Econtext.

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We provide the full software development lifecycle which includes business analysis, project management, design, development, and quality assurance. We at DB Best have a wide choice of devices for testing your applications on smartphones and smart wearable gadgets.
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