Get the most out of Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database provides a broad SQL Server engine compatibility. This cloud database service automatically adapts to maximize performance, reliability, and data protection. Since the release in 2010, Azure SQL Database went all the way up to the 23-rd position in DB-Engines ranking.

You can start using Azure SQL Database in many different ways. From starting the development from scratch to migrating on-premises databases to the cloud, DB Best is always a reliable partner to help.

SQL Server upgrade path

For many customers, Azure SQL Database is the desired destination for their mission-critical on-premises SQL Server workloads. The Microsoft SQL Server to Azure SQL database migration path is simple, clear, and straightforward. Usually, these projects require the effort comparable with an upgrade of an on-premises database.

DB Best provides customers with comprehensive Azure SQL Database migration services. We start with discovering the best way to adopt the Azure cloud and end with a turnkey automated solution for seamless migration of databases and applications.

Moving on-premises workloads to Azure

Migrating on-premises databases to the cloud can be a daunting task. For example, in addition to converting your database code, you may need to re-architect your applications as well. Rarely you may lift-and-shift your applications to the cloud without any changes. Most often you need to create new solutions or modernize data-driven applications from old technologies and architecture.

The experts at DB Best have faced many of the cloud adoption challenges. We know all the workarounds, best practices, and automation techniques, which help migrate to Azure in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Take advantage of the unprecedented experience of our MVPs (Most Valuable Professional), MCMs (Microsoft Certified Master), and architects to accomplish your cloud mission.

How DB Best helps Azure customers

DB Best provides existing Azure customers with a rich set of Azure Database management services. Microsoft states that Azure fully manages your data infrastructure. However, our team always finds Azure SQL Database optimization opportunities. With in-depth experience with the Azure cloud, we can:

  • Identify instances that can use less vCPUs than what’s currently provisioned
  • Lower CPU utilization by optimizing poor performing queries
  • Move instances running SQL Server Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition to save up to 75% of your licensing costs

Benefits of using Azure SQL Database

The list of Azure SQL Database benefits includes:

Featured services for Azure SQL Database

Here is a sample of the services that we provide to customers like you to support your Azure SQL Databases.

Getting Started

At DB Best, we’ve helped our customers get the most out of Azure SQL Database. We have several ways to help you get started.


A leading provider of payroll and HR services in the United States faced difficulties configuring Azure elastic pools for their SaaS Azure app. The Azure tools provided by Microsoft were not flexible enough to fine tune the performance of 20,000 customer databases with different utilization patterns. Moreover, it was almost impossible to maintain so many databases manually.

DB Best engineers came up with a solution that allows automatic management of the customer databases basing on extensive monitoring of the elastic pools performance. Now the customer can optimize the Azure resources utilization that results in over 20 percent reduction of their Azure services costs.
Have a look at how we optimized elastic pools utilization in the following video.

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Options for deployment

Azure SQL Database provides you with a selection of deployment options. You can opt for deploying a single database to a logical server or selecting an option to use an elastic pool on a logical server. This allows for sharing resources and reducing costs.

However, you may consider deploying your database to the Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. This option combines the best of SQL Server with the benefits of an intelligent, fully managed service.

And if you feel like one day you may need some extra storage, Azure SQL Database Hyperscale looks like the most prolific option. This new, highly performant database scaling technology allows for scaling compute and storage resources, without sacrificing performance.

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