White paper: Oracle to Azure Database Migration Checklist

Are you looking for a proven way to migrate your Oracle Database and apps to Microsoft Azure? Our comprehensive database migration checklist will help you stay in control of your migration project.

With over 18 years of database migration experience, we put together all the knowledge and experience into this document. Download this free checklist to make your database migration predictable and transparent.

You will learn more about the following stages:

  • Preparing your environment for migration.
    What do you need to do to assess your Oracle on-premises resources, evaluate possible risks, and preserve a golden copy of your source data? How can you address mission-critical applications and what should you do with huge tables?
  • Cloud capacity planning best practices.
    How to design your future-state cloud architecture and pick up the best Azure cloud destination that meets your business needs? What do you need to know about cloud limitations and how can you optimize your workloads to best fit them in the cloud?
  • Overcoming database conversion obstacles.
    Which specific database features do you need to consider to flatten out the significant architecture differences between Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server? How can you catch up on all the changes in the database code?
  • Using migration automation tools.
    Which tools can you use to automate database schema conversion? How can you automate data migration and make sure that you reach the maximum transfer speed? Can you take advantage of test automation tools?
  • Upgrading your database applications.
    What should you do with embedded SQL statements into your applications? When do you need to rewrite and re-architect your applications? How to jump start your apps with the Azure cloud services?
  • Defining a comprehensive test strategy.
    How should you approach the testing phase? How can you be sure that you covered with tests all objects affected by migration? What do you need to check the database structure, validate data, and verify converted applications?
  • Optimizing data infrastructure in the cloud.
    How can you get the most out of the new cloud platform and don’t get stuck with a whole new pricing model? Which data sets you should not move to the cloud and where should you store your backups?

Download your free copy

Discover the answers to these and many more other questions with our comprehensive Oracle to Azure database migration checklist.

See the text for the PDF file at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AXgcwE9-yKbGm_WvNHHvDKvMf9Qlujrwr1RjNByN6BI/edit#

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